52. What Exercise Are You Doing For Your Mental Health Today?


What they never told me, is that medications and therapy can be provided, but the rest of it was up to me. A leaflet telling me to eat healthily and get exercise is never going to get me reaching for the kale smoothies and an exercise bike. I need someone to verbally spell it out whilst holding my shoulders and shaking me, and then repeat it.

  1. We need regular exercise … that means more days doing it than not
  2. We need regular fresh air and light
  3. We need to eat the good stuff and drink water like it’s going out of fashion
  4. We need to ditch the alcohol
  5. Meditation and/or yoga are a must to calm the anxiety
  6. And finally, work, work, work on getting up and doing … don’t let the lethargy lothario seduce us into doing nothing and lying on the sofa for hours surfing the net for the latest Graham Norton YouTube videos (although I have to admit that I will resort to this when Betty the Demon has me in a headlock and I start googling pain-free ways to die).

So, back to the point in question,

What exercise are you doing for your mental health today?

I’m going to play tennis … inside of course, this is Scotland after all. And whilst I type, I’m still in bed and not exactly bouncing around at the prospect of it, however – I know I will love it when I’m there. The dopamine, serotonin and endorphins will give me a major boost. The social interaction will help me out of my hermit state and finally the sense of achievement and accomplishment will spur me on to reinforce that a little pain for a massive gain is absolutely and undoubtedly worth the effort.

So what exercise are you doing today?

Katie x

36 thoughts on “52. What Exercise Are You Doing For Your Mental Health Today?”

  1. Oddly enough this is my rest day! At the moment I do swimming lessons on Monday evenings and 90 minutes at the gym on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. Wednesday I go home earlier but sometimes have a massage later in the evening. I have toyed with the idea of looking for a wednesday night yoga class (I did yoga before and enjoyed it) but I suspect my other half would, strangely enough, want to see me at least one evening a week.

    Exercise has literally been a life saver for me. Thankfully my gym is wonderful and we are all on first name terms so it is like hanging out with friends.

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    1. My star of the day! That’s brilliant! You’ve nailed it …. why did I not know about the benefits of exercise before? My tennis is like your gym … it’s social, we’re all friends and it’s fun! Good for you doing swimming lessons too … a real accomplishment there. 👍👍☀️☀️


      1. Thank you Katie 🙂 🙂

        I could never be one of those people who turn up at the gym and do half an hour on a treadmill wearing headphones and a thousand-yard stare. I get a buzz from working with a trainer who pushes me hard and also from having the others around me.

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      2. I know what you mean … the club that I’m at is more tennis focussed which is what I wanted. The changing rooms are hilarious though, lots of 20 somethings wandering around in not much, taking selfies and talking about the ‘hot’ instructors … not sure they realise that most of them are gay but still. The gym itself is as you describe it and more men than women, lots of testosterone, lifting of weights and grunting … I tend to avoid it and take out my aggression on walloping a tennis ball. Pure therapy 🙂

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      3. We had a weights area at the old venue for my gym. We all called it testosterone corner. At the other extreme there were the student girls who used the treadmills and they never spoke to anyone either. I gelled with the other misfits that occupied the middle ground😉😄

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  2. Rowing was my passion but it is not always practical – you need water, a boat (I have a single scull but she is back in England) and actually in my case I prefer rowing to sculling which means I need at least one other person to row with. So when I moved to France I took a look around at the stunning landscape and decided, rather like a pedestrian Forest Gump that I would start hiking and just not stop. When I do it I am so full of beans and life, I rest better I enjoy life and dare I say, I am happier. When I don’t I get bluesy and I retreat into my shell. I also run with my husband when we are together or more accurately he runs and I sort of struggle alongside. I am looking forward to getting back to doing some of the organised runs (in France 5 and 8k and in the US 5 and 10k) this Spring. And the reason? The real reason is that I have been sinking back this winter and I need to bob back to the surface or that Ugly Betty will take over sure as eggsies!

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    1. Oh you’re fabulous! I love the way you describe things! You just keep on going and don’t let the bitch Betty back in!! Ps. I spent all of yesterday evening looking at houses for sale in France. Oh I envy your bravery 😘

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      1. Oh do tell …. where in France …. she’s a big buxom beauty and the myths are just that – my experience us that the people are kind and generous, let you do you whatever shade if odd it might be and only step in if you ask them for advice. It’s the best thing I ever did. My problem is that Betty knows I have an interlude ahead but last night I punched her in the face with positivity and told her I am going in an adventure and she us not welcome alongside. Tenacious as she is I will beat that brazen bitch and so will you. I just adore your blog 😙

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      2. You are the sweetest girl! I shall try and dig out the details of the house in particular that I fell in love with. Sounds to me like you and I are beating Betty the brazen bitch pretty well right now! X


      3. You are such a kindred…. one of the key criteria of our yet to be found forever home is that we have a separate house for family and friends to stay in! Dordogne can be pricey…. try Corrèze or Haute Vienne or Lot at Garonne or Tarn et Garonne. That place is to die for btw. Good taste sister Betty beater 💖

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      4. By all means use me as a sounding board …. I love house searches (it used to be my business in Britain …. not an estate agent you understand – I refused to be called that!)

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      5. Thank you so much, that’s really kind. (I worked as a secretary in a couple of estate agents in London many many years ago, (in fact that’s how I met my first husband!). However, because I’m so desperately bad at paperwork, I never lasted very long … working in an office is just not really me 😬 Not entirely sure what is, apart from gardening – I’m quite good at that and it’s kept the children and I in food and clothes and the occasional holiday). Thanks so much again 😘

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      1. Brilliant- yes, me too. Although the weather here is limiting for tennis so we play inside. It’s so darn cold though as there’s no form of heating. The others tease me for being a soft southerner! I call them barking mad as they swim in the outdoor pool in the middle of winter … yes, I’m soft! I think your walking is great … killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

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      2. It kills at least two birds with one stone, as I always find walking helps me over writer’s block if I’m struggling with something.

        As for outdoor swimming in winter…well…psht!

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    1. Do I have to become a monk? Can girls be monks? A monkess or monkey perhaps, or just a nun? I’m not entirely sure I would be a good enough person. (The Sound of Music is springing to mind) …. However, I like the idea of martial arts … that would be amazing!! Katie the Karate Kid Woman …yes! Ps Do you suggest this to a lot of people or do you think I need to find my inner wisdom more than most?!


      1. First of all, I might have typos… I’m still laughing. I like you, totally crazy. Secondly, no, such a school doesn’t mean you must become a monk, but gives a lot of physical and mental strength along your journey. And I don’t advice this path normally, but in your situation it could be useful. I had 10 years with, it is amazing how one’s life can be formed by. For the better.

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  3. I walk my doggies, hike, and as of late been working on pull-ups. I use the myfitnesspal app (free) that lets me track my food, water, and exercise. I’ve found by tracking I’m learning so much on finding healthier foods to eat plus it pushes me to get out and exercise.

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    1. Wonderful …! You’re top of it all 🙂 I miss not having a dog and am hoping that as soon as we’re more settled we’ll get a couple of dogs. Which breed or whether to get a rescue is a constant source of discussion. What do you have? I like fluffy and soppy, (had a golden retriever until end of last year) and my husband likes sleek and agile (he’d like whippets or greyhounds) …

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