Time …


My late mother’s beautiful clock was broken on our previous move, and despite a lengthy stay in the clock hospital, it never recovered. However, as I sit around the boxes stacked up high, I can hear a gentle ticking. And every half hour the beautiful ting, ting, tinging chime of mother’s clock can be heard from the depths of one of those boxes. The fact that it has got the hour completely wrong is immaterial and merely receives a raised eyebrow from the Colonel following a glance at his watch, and a smile from me.

Just the familiar sound of ticking is comforting. I have missed it, and the gentle, regular sound takes me back to my mother’s house and the peace and serenity that prevailed there. The safety and reassurance. The complete quiet, except the ticking of the clock.

So this is mindfulness! …. At last I understand it.

In a troubled world where nothing is certain and the future is a fictional imagining based on what we’ve worked for, what we hope for and a smattering of luck, sometimes the constancy and familiarity of a person or even a silly old clock ticking along in the background is not only soothing, but part of the multifaceted foundations essential for a balanced life.


21 thoughts on “Time …”

  1. Lovely, calming and so true. Great piece. Took me back to my grandmother’s and a really rather ugly 1950s clock she had. It fascinated me as a child but I wouldn’t choose to have it displayed in my home now. It resembled a grandfather clock on a small scale… and was more in keeping with ercol furniture .. a style which I would also choose to avoid but respect it had its following and still does!!!

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  2. Beautiful, Katie! I gave my daughter a jewelry box that played Amazing Grace at the most mysterious times, even though it was “broken.” So cool! You just know your mom’s getting a kick out of that clock reminding you of her. And the fact that the time is wrong is so perfect because time is an illusion anyway. (I just added that last part so I seem all spiritual and to display my latest book smarts.)

    Shawna 💕

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      1. I do believe that. I’ve had too many really obvious experiences to discount it. My mother said that her sister Mary Lynne (who dies of cancer) was sending pennies to comfort her, and they were showing up under her pillows. So cool! Then I started seeing them everywhere as well, even handfuls all over the ground. ; )

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  3. LOVED this post! It’s so true…. When I read it I could immediately in my mind hear the sounds of my grandmother’s one and all the connotations that come with it. Sophie xx

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it and brought back memories … hope they were all good ones! They’ve just loaded all the boxes into the lorry so I can’t hear it now and the house is so bare … very strange. Thanks so much for reading. Katie xx


  4. It is a lovely post. The sounds from childhood which brought on peace and calm are a good reminder on how to recreate the same peace. Perhaps the mechanism of the old clock can be restored into a newer one, not the same but the music of the chiming would live on.

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    1. Yes, it’s funny but as a child I had no anxiety but then everything was very calm and at a slow pace. Now it’s all so rushed and manic, I guess it’s hardly surprising we all get a bit frazzled. I’m going to work on creating a calm space and as you say, restore the clock so the chiming continues. Thanks for your lovely comments. Katie


  5. Was’nt it kismet that the clock came back striking the hour at a different time – if it had been true to what we call real time, you might not be so tuned to your mother reassuring you that she is still there.

    Tell the Colonel that one of HB2’s special powers is to know what time it is (mostly to within 2 minutes) wherever in the world he is and he flies the globe perpetually in his quest for all things Astronomical and Astrophysical. Cast aside that watch and work on it … time is in our heads and it is amazing how accurate we can become.

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