Golly! 500 Followers … Are You All Mad?

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Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

Well blow me down with a feather! … 500 followers!

I confess that the overwhelming feeling here is one of gratitude mixed with a large dollop of disbelief. Disbelief that frankly anyone would feel compelled to not only read my nonsensical drivel, (sometimes even making positive comments) but actually press a button to ensure that said drivel continues to filter onto their screens. Extraordinary behaviour from each and every one on you, but it has to be said, that I am absolutely and unutterably delighted. Thank you.

I still feel like a bit of a newbie here although I started in January; I’ve yet to work out how to take a photograph and post it, I only worked out how to “re-blog” last week and as for putting my posts into some sort of order … well that’s just beyond me. I’m not a clever lassie, but I write and I love it. And I read your posts, and I love them.

So thank you, thank you WordPress for opening up my world to these wonderful people, these wonderful …. friends.

Katie xx

42 thoughts on “Golly! 500 Followers … Are You All Mad?”

  1. Congratulations !! I am new too and was glad to stumble upon your blog yesterday 😊. It’s a whole new world and I wish I had found it sooner !

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  2. Can’t say I’m surprised that I’m one of a sizable crowd – what you write about is SO important, but most of all you are an amazing wordsmith (I am green with envy!!) and for me personally it’s your wit, intelligence and charm that got me hooked. So it’s a well deserved compliment that so many of us want to read what you have to say and we are grateful for YOU. OK, that’s enough schmaltz for Monday morning! Big hugs from your loyal fan Sophie! xxx

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