What Makes You Write?

pexels-photo-268424.jpegWork on the book has been a little slow of late. Ok, so if the truth be told, I’ve been procrastinating rather a lot. It’s incredible how I can find little excuses and reasons to not write. And suddenly a week has passed. Then two. And before I knew it, the habit and routine of writing has flittered away. We all know that it’s very hard to start a good habit and mightily easy to let it slip. Don’t we all favour the easiest route in life?

So yesterday I made myself a promise. I would take my bicycle and iPad on an outing and set myself up in a coffee shop and actually get to grips with the book.

So as I sit here, bouncing around on excess caffeine, I have made enormous progress. There’s a huge amount of work to be done, but it’s a good start and clearly this works better than trying to find a place in the house where I can sit and write without being disturbed by the jobs that I see needing to be done and the telephone ringing. Clearly I could never be self employed as I don’t appear to have the discipline.

Thankfully I am surrounded by at least six others on their various computers and iPads also tap, tap, tapping away so there is no sense of guilt that I am occupying one of the most comfortable seats by the window and letting two cups of what I had thought was decaffeinated coffee but is clearly not, last two hours. I think I’m nearly done here for the day as if I have any more to drink I’ll be bouncing off the ceiling, but clearly for me this is the way forward. The fact that they play lovely music, have rather delicious chocolate brownies and I get to do a bit of people-watching makes it all the more fun. I think I can get rather used to this.

Katie x

What gives you inspiration to write? Do you need to get out of the house?

37 thoughts on “What Makes You Write?”

  1. I have to write only when the passion takes me- somewhat obsessively, with long gaps between at times. I have to be in the right headspace. Mostly, I use it to make lemonade out of lemons I’m given. Look at something that doesn’t make sense logically, discuss it with a whole lot of people and try to find some sort of common understanding of what’s happening and how to handle it. Then present my findings in the form of my blog, as a guide to others

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  2. Thanks for post, interesting.

    Usually an idea hits me and it rolls around my head a bit (usually on my bike) and then when a bit more formed I have to write it out.

    Recently, with the problems I’ve had, I found that suddenly it grips me and I HAVE to write, and it comes out – copious and fast, and not always anything I can use, but it sort of HAS to come out otherwise I’ll explode.

    I have made a decision though to try and plan something a little larger scale and do that thing of disciplined writing, rather than just waiting for it… will be interesting or more likely yet another failure to beat myself up with ….

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    1. Oh yes I can understand this big time! When I’m cycling long distances though it’s frustrating because I want to keep stopping and writing stuff down … maybe a dictaphone would help you and I! Sometimes the best thoughts appear on a bike. Katie

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      1. Actually I quite like the time it gives me to work phrases around and ideas again and again before actually writing – although forgetting is always a worry! But it means by the time I do start writing I sort of know the thing all ways round …. when it works well that is!


  3. I forget which writer was asked the same question and replied ‘Hunger!’ A good reply!

    I can’t claim that, but once I’ve started a book and the plot and the characters have reached a point where they have become real to me, I just know I have to finish.

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    1. That is indeed an excellent reply! It sounds like you are wonderfully involved when you’re writing – just as it should be. Every time I write, because it’s about the cycling journey, I am reliving it and end up absolutely exhausted. So I think a couple of hours at a time is probably my maximum! Katie

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  4. I’m glad you are writing. I’m your number one beta reader, remember? I write most of the blog posts on the train but the KS saga has been penned largely on the sofa in our living room. Surrounded by screaming children, a very patient wife and a very smelly border terrier.

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    1. Well unless you are wearing headphones and a peg on your nose, I think you deserve a medal! I think it’s harder at home because ones attention is so often needed … just when I’m really getting into something, somebody wants me … arghhh!


  5. Really great question to ask!

    I think overall I write because I like to have interesting and meaningful conversations with people into similar things (mostly photography and cycling). Having a blog gives me the opportunity to start and encourage those conversations.

    In terms of a writing schedule, I’ve been blogging in some form since around 2004 I think, and though the frequency has evolved depending on the blog, my input has been very steady. In the last year or so, I’ve settled on publishing every two or three days, which is maintainable for me, allowing enough time to respond to follow up comments, and visit and chat on other blogs too.

    Writing in fits and starts doesn’t really work for me, I like to have a steady rhythm and maintain it. It takes far less energy and motivation to keep something in motion than to start it up from a complete standstill again each time. Much like riding a bike!

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    1. Ahhh yes now that makes complete sense. Maintaining the rhythm, the routine and the habit is easy but stopping and restarting is seriously hard work. Yup, just like cycling, particularly when I’ve stopped for coffee and my legs have started to seize-up!


  6. I write when God inspires me to produce some writing and then the thoughts come from the soul. I write the entire post or piece in one go it just flows. For poems etc I find sitting in nature the best. I write in a room/my office which is just for this. I am lucky my home is very quiet and so is the surrounding area.

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  7. I write because it is a part of me. It’s a passion, and I have dreams of improving, and possibly, someday, publishing. It’s best if I write on a regular basis, but, without a deadline, I find it too easy to procrastinate. That’s one of the things I like about having my blog – I have a (self imposed and likely unimportant to anyone but myself) deadline to keep, and, in order to meet it, I need to be writing regularly. Not just the post, but also private journalling and other writing exercises. As for where? I’m honestly not too picky, though I do enjoy a good coffee shop session. 🙂

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  8. Proud of you! I have been so tied up with UK personal stuff my blog and responding to others too has woefully been neglected. I too have plans. A sudden change of fortune has meant that at last I can pursue my writing dreams. I have had these visions of me at my desk for years and it’s became a bit if a pie in the sky up to this month, as I couldn’t escape my humdrum career. But over now. But I digress. How do I write? Notebooks, scraps of paper, back of envelopes and the reverse side of tax letters( sad but accountants like to save money and that blank reverse side needs the fun the front side just isn’t!). Then it all goes in a heap and then armed with hot tea, I sort into subjects. Then I start to plot it out. That’s where I am now. I have over 45 stories to write up. Sort of scared about it as so much out there, so much competition to be heard, so much imagination and so many resources to dive into. So I am looking forward to hearing that you have Finis. And you are hot footing to publish. Love Judi. Missed chatting.

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    1. This is wonderful news … you write so beautifully that it would have been an absolute waste not to make it a major part of your life. I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting your posts, things have been tricky and my focus has had to be elsewhere for a little while. However, as everything settles, I am looking forward to catching up and am starting to get back into my routine again. I love that you write on the back of tax letters! I must confess that anything relating to tax sends me into a quivering mess! It once took me a full 6 hours to do a tax return! I think you must be very clever. I hope that now you can plough your wonderful talent for writing into a mass of books and I shall be buying the very first copy. Katie x

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      1. Hiya. Delayed WiFi. Awe Thank you for your kind words. Yes me too missing the regular posting and catch up. I will send you a copy and brave your comments.
        Tax returns…not always the easiest beasts to deal with. Glad I will only be doing mine now. Goodbye to accounting. Hello messy paint world! Xx

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  9. I find that for me, when inspiration hits nothing stops me. When it doesn’t is when I find all sorts of excuses not to write. This is cool though, that you’ve found a way to make it happen that works for you – perhaps I should try it! Glad also to hear of progress as this means we’ll soon be able to read your book, yay! Xx

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    1. It’s lovely isn’t it when you’re just completely in (sorry I hate the phrase but it really sums it up) the ‘zone’ and you can’t type quickly enough. I’m hoping that you might read a couple of chapters for me in the coming weeks to give your opinion should you have time?? Katie x

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    1. It’s the way forward for me right now. It’s my new routine and it works. I like being surrounded by other people tap, tap, tapping away on their laptops in a warm and sunny room drinking coffee and dumping my thoughts. Heaven! Do give it a go. The effort is in making the decision. Once the shoes and coat are on it’s a breeze and you feel better with every step. Xx


  10. What gives me motivation?? It’s mostly a kernel of an idea… that leads to a race to the bottom of it before it fades.. sometimes I win and sometime I’m left in a draft. PS.. I like your stuff..keep winning the race.

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