Lethargy, Depression and the Slippery Slope

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I’ve had to have a wee chat with myself of late. In truth it was more of a stern waggling of the finger involving some rude words and the occasional metaphorical kick in the shins.

And why? Because I was sensing a slight return of the lethargy, the tiredness and the excuses. The desire to light a fire, put on a pair of unattractive fluffy socks, matching pyjamas and woolly hat and vegetate makeup free was fast becoming just a little too appealing. Now fear not, I have come to recognise this. It is my very own slippery slope; my uncontrollable freewheeling downhill on Claude the bicycle when the brakes have failed and the only option, unless I am prepared to hit rock bottom, is to take an almighty leap to get off in the full knowledge that it’s going to hurt.

The problem with my ‘slippery slope’ is that the end point is even more unattractive than me in a pair of fluffy pyjamas. You see, I’m just not that kind of gal. I’m a “where’s my nothingness of a silk nightie … can’t find it … never mind, better do a Marilyn Monroe and wear nothing but Chanel No 5.” You get the gist … I fear that if I didn’t jump off said slippery slope, within a fortnight I’d have eaten my body weight in ginger nut biscuits, would be drinking like a fish and be found, the size of a small whale reading Barbara Cartland, wedged under the bed. As it happens I have always had great admiration for Barbara; frankly anyone who managed to write that many books is a hero in my mind – I can’t even do one (yet).

Now don’t get me wrong, I can give you a thousand reasons why I should be kind to myself and give in to the lethargy. Well, one or two …. my folate levels are apparently low, and ummm, well it’s winter isn’t it?

So in truth, without a plethora of excuses, I’ve had a ‘wee chat’ with myself, have bounced out of bed, slapped on some face (makeup, to the men out there), have embraced the cold air with gusto and have come to my coffee shop. Much too long a sentence once again and for that I’m sorry, but you see I’m just a bit excited. I took that metaphoric almighty leap off the freewheeling bicycle and not only was it easier this time, but the landing didn’t hurt. Yes, it’s only a meagre trip out of the house, but what I’ve found is that if I start the day with the right attitude, everything follows suit with my jobs done and the house and husband sorted. I then go to bed that night happy, fulfilled and tired enough that whether I’m in my birthday suit, a beautiful little nothingness of a silk number (marriage number two therefore efforts and standards must prevail you understand) or wearing a flannel onesie with a picture of Bart Simpson on it, I’ll sleep like a baby and the slippery slope will be a thing of the past. Or at least until the next day …

Katie xx

Of COURSE I’m not going to ask what you wear in bed … as if … but instead, what do you do to combat lethargy?

34 thoughts on “Lethargy, Depression and the Slippery Slope”

  1. I find a walk in the park helps, but it’s the first hurdle of getting up, washed, dressed and out the door.
    I’m feeling it this morning. I have been up a couple of hours. But as I post this, I will push myself to get washed and dressed, then another cuppa, before I go out.

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    1. Absolutely, it’s the getting going that’s the hard bit. I learnt from CBT that what’s important is to have a manageable and achievable plan each and every day. I hope you have a good day and a lovely walk. If you’re in the UK, here in London it’s pretty cold, but the skies are clear and the sun is shining. ☀️☀️☀️ Have a happy day. X

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      1. Yes, I’m from the UK. I shall have a slow walk into town, passing my favourite park. Do what I need to do, which is just one shop for a couple of things. Nothing heavy, so will walk in the park on the way back and call into the cafe on there I think. 🙂

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  2. Because I have no boundaries plus have a compulsive need to over share, I’ll start with the first not-really-a-question! I sleep naked. Hubby (#2 for me too so yes a matter of keeping a high standard) and I made a pact early on that we will always sleep naked, even when we get old(er). So in winter it’s a bit EEK initially before cool bed linen warms up. My very unattractive pyjamas comes out when hubby is away and I feel like I’m cheating! 😂

    Beating lethargy – I’m with you on this one. Do the thing that feels like the opposite you wanna do: get up, get out, get going! It seems so huge but oh ehm gee does it work!


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    1. Absolutely!! I knew you’d understand about the naked thing! My problem is that I loathe getting into a cold bed, so I have to persuade hubby to lie on my side whilst I get ready for bed in order to warm it up!

      It’s odd isn’t it though how doing the opposite of what you want to do is the best thing for lethargy. CBT talks about breaking the cycle and I totally get it. Now of course I’m sitting here tap, tapping away in my lovely cosy coffee shop and I have to go and brave the chilly air again as I need to get home … I think I just don’t like the cold! Xxx

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  3. (Almost) every morning I make myself change out of cozy flannel PJs and into actual clothes. They may be comfy yoga clothes, but at least it means I’m prepared to go out in public during the day. If I put on an actual bra rather than a comfy bralette or sports bra, that’s an extra push to get my butt out the door.

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  4. I am well into my second marriage, so I wear cozy flannel pajamas, sometimes that don’t match. Ah well …
    I think coffee shops have saved my life. When there’s nowhere else to go, I can get dressed, bring my laptop, and hang out like a person with a reason to get up in the morning. So glad you’re out of bed!

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  5. Lethargy yes, know that one well. I used to make a plan for the next day to go somewhere special for me be it a walk to a cafe or train ride into the country and have lunch in a quaint cafe or restaurant. I would do this regularly to break-up the monotony of life. Now it is not so easy I have to push myself out the house with nowhere special to go sigh, but I am working on this somehow.

    Don’t just linger in bed for the sake of it. You need to have a life and get out of the house to be among others and your book writing will take off again.

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    1. Indeed it will, and I’ve had a good session today. I plan to have done another two full chapters by the end of the weekend. Today has been a good day and it’s not even over yet. I hope you’re having a good day too.

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  6. The structure of work is really helpful because I don’t have a choice about when to get up. If I’m lethargic on a non-work day, writing a list helps. And as you say, starting is the hardest bit. I do think it’s fine to have the odd day when you just cba.

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  7. It’s been a while since I sat and read people’s blogs. I love to read your blogs. You are so talented. When I am lethargic… I sit around, drink my coffee, watch morning television, read emails and FB posts… and eventually I force myself to take a shower, take my dogs outside for some fresh air… I always feel better when I go outside and get some fresh air. Quite honestly that is about the most that I do. I read my Bible, other devotionals, pray, eat a bowl of cereal and then clean my house. So I guess quite honestly I have not truly stepped out of my lethargy for a very long time. I used to walk 3 miles with my dog or exercise for 30 minutes. I stopped eating. I am not sleeping. I have no energy. I guess I really need to kick myself in the butt, start eating breakfast before 1:09-2:00, bundle up, go outside and get moving. I need to walk or exercise- one or the other. Great blog. Thank you. You have inspired me.

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    1. I questioned recently about this wretched lethargy …. I pointed out that (like you) I feel wonderfully energised during and after a walk in the fresh air or simply actively doing something, but then the next day I had to go through all that immense effort all over again. It was the beginning bit that was so exhausting and would I always have this. The response was that it’s a case of “Fake it till you make it” … keep on doing it until your default setting has been changed and the routine of doing it has become a habit and this can take months of hideous work. However, it makes sense to me. The getting up early and starting the day on a really positive note of that walk or those email etc that are so hateful to begin, makes the rest of the day so very, very much better. There is then a sense of achievement however small the activity. We can do this, you and I. I hope that rambling of mine makes a little sense to you too my friend. Sending big hugs. Katie xx

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  8. I have
    Issued reading your blogs. You are such a gifted writer. I can picture your story in my mind, I can identify with your feeling of lethargy and at the same time it is an upbeat blog. In answer to your question see my recent blog titled: When You Lose Someone You Love. There are many types of loss in life and I wrote about how I feel in When You Lose Someone You Love. Your lethargy is very similar to my depression. Please read my blogs at Willowbentleysmama. WordPress.com

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