How to Get a Life!

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I am as ever, reading about three books on the go. I cannot claim that this is even in part due to a wondrous ability to multitask. No, this is simply because there are so many fabulous books out there and I want to read them all, now. I am nothing if not needy, demanding and impetuous.

As some of you know, moderation has never been my thing. Indeed, a tendency to get marginally overexcited when encountering something new has a partial influence on my inability to have a modicum of patience. Therefore finishing one thing before commencing something new is a tad alien to me. (This probably accounts for the chaos in my life!)

My point here is this. I have recently started a book by Sarah Knight entitled “Get Your Sh*t Together”. Interesting title (she says with a pompous sniff) and one which certainly made me wonder how on earth it could have ended up on the shelves of such a middle class shop as Oliver Bonas. However ….. I now see why she has the honour of being a ‘bestselling author’ of more than one book.

If like me, those dark, dank and dreary days of winter are already taking their toll on you, buy this book. Buy this book and then read this book. (Unless you have an understandable aversion to bad language. To say it is peppered with it throughout, would be an understatement).

It is simple enough for even the intellectually stifled like myself. Frankly if it wasn’t for having another two books to read, this could be done and dusted, cover to cover in less than 48 hours. And …. it’s worth it.

It is inspiring even for those who have their life well and truly in their own minds, on track. For the rest of us mere mortals who are floundering slightly with ‘to do’ lists that never are truly done, and daydreams that never seem to materialise into something tangible, it is absolutely worth a few very happy hours of sinking into your favourite armchair whilst the dark rain falls outside. It truly is, for any fellow procrastinators out there, a kick up the backside and an alternative way of getting one’s sh*t together, without an irritating little man with a megaphone shouting, “Get up and get a life!” Frankly I’d want to hit him with a shovel, but occasionally it’s what I need.

Katie xx

How do you combat the winter blues?

What books get you excited? (Nothing smutty please!)

How do you get your inspiration?

28 thoughts on “How to Get a Life!”

  1. How do you combat the winter blues? – Music, good food, our doggos, trolling my wife. hot choco, coffee, and home deliveries.

    What books get you excited? (Nothing smutty please!) – Everything Dean Koontz, currently reading the Jane Hawk series.

    How do you get your inspiration? – it hits me or not, there is no get.

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  2. I will look this up!

    I’m just like you and I will need to count here actually…. I have four books on the go. I alternate on my Kindle as I read before I go to sleep and sometimes I just need a choice, which currently has the following three options: 1) Pretty Girls, which is freaking terrifying and has so much graphic violence I can only stomach it in short bursts. 2) Dying to Survive, a true account of a heroin addict and the current sobriety book I’m devouring. 3) Love Always, Mum xx – written by the daughter of Rose and Fred West and every bit as harrowing as you might imagine. In the car I am currently listening to Drinking, A Love Story, more sobriety literature right there.

    As for winter blues, I don’t quite seem to get that and LOVE the dark and the cold (figures, I suppose, being Scandinavian) – weirdly it’s in spring (despite how I love spring too!) that I some years hit a bit of a slump! In general my go-to fix for a low or bad mood is a run in the park, or a long walk.

    Inspiration – Robert Varga above puts it perfectly! It hits me or it doesn’t, I haven’t yet found a way of sparking it myself. However, I do believe this must be possible. I’m quite lazy though…



  3. I think I read that book a while back, but my memory’s not that great so I’m not entirely sure. I used to be pretty good at having my shit together, but these days with the combo of poor concentration and not great task switching ability, I spend more time than I’d like flopping around like a stranded fish.

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  4. How do you combat the winter blues? Probably mostly by getting out walking, cycling and taking pictures. Same as the rest of the year really! Although I do like a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a film with the kids, like Star Wars or Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings (the latter requiring a very long Sunday afternoon!) I’m far less interested in films when it’s light outside.

    What books get you excited? (Nothing smutty please!) I usually have a couple of photography books on the go. I’ve also recently returned to Pema Chödrön, and a book called Comfortable With Uncertainty. The ideas on the surface seem very simple, yet to me are rather radical at the same time. I’m reading each very short yet profound chapter two or three times over to try to let in sink in deeper. Very thought provoking.

    How do you get your inspiration? Well, walking and cycling in nature gives my mind lots of space to gently unfurl ideas for writing on my blog. Music and reading (online and off) I love but don’t necessarily give me direct, tangible inspiration that I could pinpoint afterwards.

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    1. Oh I love a good Sunday afternoon film too, particularly after a big lunch … Star Wars however? No! The others though, yes I’m completely with you there (with some Lindt milk chocolate of course and a cup of tea).
      I love that you enjoy cycling so much – I can really relate to it. Lovely comments as ever … thank you.


  5. I love the title. I do get irritated by self help books though because for the first twenty pages I believe they are going to change EVERYTHING and I start preaching to my family about them. By p. 52 they generally are getting repetitive and the techniques have not gone to plan, and by p.65 I am reaching for an Anne Tyler.
    In answer to your question what gets me through winter? Chocolate, baubles, fairy lights, sunsets and Masterchef.

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  6. One of the things that stressed me out when I was a child was that there were so many books out there I couldn’t hope to read them all and as people had taken the time to write them I ought to read them. The problem now is that the number out there is increasing even faster than I can hope to read them. I have often had two on the go at the time, indeed I have at the moment, but 3? Maybe I should try it, starting with the book you recommend.

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    1. Yup – I can relate to this! I’ve finished one this week which was Stephen’s book (A Fractured Faith) as a beta reader and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think also that the temptation for me is to spend far too long on what would have historically been reading time, is now dedicated to spending useless time on my iPad googling ‘holidays that I can’t afford, ways to make my eyelashes look longer and houses in the deepest depths of France to buy’. It’s extraordinary how much time I can waste!

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