Shall We Hibernate Together?

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Contrary to my usual nonsensical chit chat and ditzy writings, the other day I had a brief ‘discussion’ with a fellow blogger about the hibernating habits of bees! This jump-started the rather dusty grey matter into a flurry of activity and led me to do a bit of a research, aka googling Wikipedia (that infamous source of (mostly, ish) correct information.)

It transpires that there are masses of animals that hibernate and frankly I think I/we have missed a trick here.

Whenever the nights draw in, the weather turns colder, or there’s a shortage of food, the breathing of some animals becomes more shallow, their pulses slow and a heavenly slumber ensues. Ahhh! Just the thought of it sends me into a marshmallowy soft blanket of snoring and truffling bliss.

So according to bears, hamsters and skunks (and if we were to follow in their footsteps), if the kitchen, larder and secret garage store of ginger nut biscuits is looking a tad low, this would mean that it is time for a wee snooze.

Or if it all gets a little chilly and the nights are drawing in and we were to follow in the footsteps of prairie dogs, ground squirrels and deer mice, then yup, time to pull on a duvet onesie and take a lovely two month siesta.

It certainly seems to be what my body and mind are craving. A deep, long and uninterrupted sleep.

However, (and somewhat sadly) I’m not entirely sure that this would work for me, or indeed us.

The problem is that life is short. Much too short. And unlike bears, hamsters, skunks and bats, we humans have more than just cotton wool between our ears and therefore we have the wisdom to comprehend that life is for living.

And even though a heavenly slumber to help us pass through the cold dark days might be appealing, it would be a tragic way to waste our very short time on this heavenly planet.

For myself, that feeling of wasted time, combined with a personal loathing of the onesie and the fact that I am currently in Amsterdam with a very excited stepdaughter leaves me no time for wishing my life away in sleep. Instead, there are places to go, people to meet and a life to live.

So when my inner hamster, bear or bat is longing for a wee hibernation, I shall fight it and instead remember the wise words of Dr Seuss …

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!

Katie xx

Do you love your bed?

Are you tired, exhausted and just want to sleep?

How do you fight the lethargy that winter brings and how?

26 thoughts on “Shall We Hibernate Together?”

    1. You are absolutely making up for any time that you lost. Your family must be so proud of you and rightly so. I hope that you too, whilst understandably feeling utterly exhausted have an overriding feeling of pride. Having learnt from previous mistakes, you have thrown yourself into finding the very best version of yourself. That is not a waste of a life, that is a success story … and you’ve only just started.

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  1. Winter used to be a time when we spent more time indoors relaxing, reading, sewing and knitting or doing other handicrafts. Not necessarily sleeping. It was important to de-stress to energise for the coming Spring and Summer. My temptations to sleep or nap come from being over stressed and over-stretched for too long as this puts too much pressure on the physical body and trying to keep calm as much seems to come my way causing a flurry of upset.

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  2. Thought provoking post. Good one.

    Personally, penning down the simple goals each day is helpful to end the day with a fulfilling feeling. Just doing that lately and its helpful for me.

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  3. The cold weather and short days make me want to stay at home, wrapped up warm but then, after about 10 minutes, I’m bored and want to go out and do something but then, after about 10 minutes, I’m cold and miserable and want to be at home wrapped up warm but then…….I don’t like winter ;O) xx

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  4. I am definitely on ‘go slow’ at the moment, and am enjoying snuggling down with some candles, a blanket and a good book. And maybe some goodies from the Christmas markets. I do think we should listen to our natural rhythm, which is at odds with too many Christmas parties!

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  5. Torrential thunderstorms or deathly silent heavy falling snow, or bright crisp cold winter mornings all have their appeal. It’s the murky grey nothingness dull drizzly days that are somewhere in between but really not anything that are probably the hardest to tolerate, and the ones I’m most likely to want to hibernate through. But hibernate as in stay indoors and do something like reading or writing or watching a film or stuff with the kids. I used to love staying in bed for ages, but not really now, once I’ve had eight hours os so, I just get bored and feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t get up.

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