Do You Feel Sorry For Yourself?

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Well I do.

I’ve got a stinking, sneezing, coughing cold and my husband has sent me to bed whilst muttering about ‘pestilence in the house’.

The room he complains is smelling of Olbas Oil, to which I respond, “It’s either that or I’ll not be able to breathe.” He appears to be contemplating the two options. He also keeps picking up tissues with thumb and forefinger and carrying them with an extended arm and a grimace to the bin whilst holding his breath. And when I sneeze, he asks if it’s strictly necessary.

Sympathy is not his forte. If I had the energy, I’d hit him with a shovel.

Of course the benefit to being in bed is that I can tap, tappety, tap away to you without any guilt for once, and dare I say it, I’m already feeling remarkably better. It’s either that or the fact that I’ve poured half the bottle of Olbas oil onto the bed so I can breathe and perhaps the paracetamol might be kicking in.

So I pathetically mop my fevered brow and wish that I looked like Meg Ryan with a cold in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (a chick-flick gentlemen, so you’re forgiven if you haven’t seen it) instead of a pink-nosed snuffling, truffling little piglet. And downstairs the Colonel has the hoover going and I’m sure I can smell disinfectant, but it’s gone awfully cold. Dear God he’s opened all the windows. Oh well, the house will be clean, but let’s face it, Mother Teresa he is not … bless him!

I wonder if he’ll come to bed in a face mask … or perhaps the smell of the Olbas oil that I accidentally spilt on his side of the bed will send him shuffling off to the spare room … hmmm …

Katie x

Any cold remedies you’d like to share?

29 thoughts on “Do You Feel Sorry For Yourself?”

  1. I’ve got eucalyptus oil going in my aromatherapy diffuser right now. I hadn’t heard of Olbas Oil before, but I just looked it up and eucalyptus is one of the oils in it. It certainly seems to make breathing easier. Hope your cold clears up soon!

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  2. Welp, the root canal only took an hour whilst waiting for the medicine took an hour and a half, so I expressed myself like a redneck with a toothache. I’m feeling much better now. Probably not a good day for editing, though.

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  3. 😀 I’m sure you’re a cute piggy.

    I also use something with eucalyptus in it, usually Vick’s vapor pads in this nifty thing you plug in.

    When the cold is building and affects my ears, I use my daily allotment of Nasacort (a nose spray).

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    1. I like the sound of the plug in Vicks …. years ago when I was a child, my mother used to have some funny sort of candle thing with (maybe) camphorated oil above it which was supposed to clear one’s nose. I suspect your Vicks one is probably better and less of a fire risk!

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  4. That was a great early morning read which had me chuckling although also full of empathy of course. I am soon to embark on a new journey in life and feel like that spade may swing in a certain direction too or have the thought too as I think I may be about to co habit with a very similar guy..oh no !!!! Can love really conqueor all 🤔

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    1. Ha! How exciting for you! This must be such a happy time for you 😊😊. Love, kindness and respect- those three (in my humble opinion) are what are necessary. You are the sweetest girl … have a wonderful Christmas xx


  5. Awe poor you Katie, we have both just had it, my colonel got it first then kindly passed it to me, we wisely slept in separate bedrooms for a few days to try and get some rest, it’s a horrible virus going round! I found taking Ibuprofen also helped, feel better soon! xx p.s. want to borrow my shovel, only has one head shaped dent in it!

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  6. Feel better soon! Rest and cheesy rom-coms are my go-to when I’m not well (both physically and emotionally – I’ve watched A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding multiple times in the past week. 😊)

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