New Year’s Eve! Arghhhh!

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New Year’s Eve. It’s coming, and I’m sorry but I loathe it. I loathe it about as much as someone eating a giant packet of crisps in the cinema during the quiet, romantic bits; I loathe it as much as doing my tax return or going to the fridge to heat up the beautiful quiche that I’ve spent hours making, only to discover that someone has eaten it ‘for a snack’! A snack, I ask you. Good God!

In my twenties, I loved New Year’s Eve. Wonderfully huge parties, everyone excited and happy and always the hope of meeting a heavenly hunk from Hampshire … oooh the thrill of young love!

In my thirties, I was married; there was the patter of tiny feet (quite a lot of feet actually) and my husband, married friends and I would have raucous and rather badly behaved dinner parties as if trying to recapture one’s twenties whilst the children slept upstairs. However in truth, we all secretly longed to join their blissful slumber. But we forced jollity, drank too much, ate too much and woke up the following morning feeling ghastly with a mass of squeaky, cranky children.

I am now in my forties. I have since divorced, remarried, and my children are going to their own parties. I feel as thought I should be going out and celebrating. I feel as though I ought to be standing outside in the freezing cold of London in winter waiting for the fireworks. And yet, call me dull, dreary and drab, but I just don’t feel the need to conform any more; to please anyone or to look for a handsome hunk from Hampshire (in truth, men from the Home Counties are a little predictable and conservative for me).

So forgive me if I don’t post pictures of myself waving a sparkler and popping champagne at midnight on the 31st, but this Cinderella needs her beauty sleep (and clearly plenty of it!). May I however, wish everyone, for when the golden hour arrives, a very, very Happy New Year. Let’s start afresh, leave the past behind and have our best year yet!

Katie x

(Without blatantly reminding me how boring I am 😁), what will YOU being doing on New Year’s Eve?

41 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve! Arghhhh!”

  1. I will be going to a gathering at a good friend’s house, sedately drinking some of my Christmas Sevilla Tanqueray gin and laughing with friends before getting a taxi home. I’m not keen on NYE either. I always enjoy catching up with friends but there’s always a sense of impending doom at having to get through January and February before life starts to get a bit lighter and more joyful again 😔.

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    1. Do you find the winter months a little ‘meh’ too? I find our spring in England is just so slow in getting going … Sounds like you’ll have a lovely NYE with your friends. Have a fun evening and with any luck we’ll have a good sunny, crispy spring.😊💕

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  2. Very similar! Good food and maybe a movie at home then snuggled up by 11pm! We are going to London on NYD to see Hamilton (the musical) and I cant do two late nights in a row! Perfect excuse!

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    1. Ahh, you’ll be doing something productive which is precisely why you have achieved so much more than me! I should take a leaf out of your book, so perhaps that should be my New Year’s resolution … Hope the penicillin has done the trick. Happy New Year and I hope the editing is successful!

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  3. I have a 4 year old, and it’s been a rather (to be blunt) shitty December, so there will be no huge party here. We’ll probably do dinner with my dad, and be home no later than 9. I may or may not stay up until midnight, but likely will not be partaking in any bubbly alcoholic beverages.

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    1. Gosh, four year olds are seriously hard work (but huge fun too!) … I’ve been looking back at photos today of mine today when they were that age. I remember never being able to go to the loo or have a bath in peace without someone firing foam bullets at me or jumping in my bath with a box of Lego! Exhausting. I’m sorry you’ve had a shitty December … next year will be better for both of us. It’s going to be a good 2019. 😊

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    1. Oooh that sounds great! Have a lovely time. I’d take your freezing cold over our miserable drizzle here any day! (Although the weatherman says that the ‘Beast from the East’ aka snow is on its way! Whoop whoop!). Happy New Year!


  4. Ought to? Nah. One of the joys of growing older is being able to finally say ‘No, I don’t do parties.’ I never really liked them, I did them because all my friends did them. It’s what you did. But I hate crowds and noise anyway, so bring on the quiet evening in – just the two of us and a bottle of wine and the Scrabble.

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