I’ve Failed! (ish …)

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Ok, minor confession. I made the teensy weensy mistake of setting myself a deadline which I may have inadvertently shared with some of you. The deadline for having the first draft of the book ready was Valentines Day. Yes, I am fully aware that that was yesterday.

And, well, in truth, to be frank, and without putting too much emphasis on my inability to write when I’M SO FLIPPIN’ KNACKERED THAT I CANNOT EVEN SEE STRAIGHT, LET ALONE WRITE, I have to admit that it is therefore, consequently and any other conjunctive adverbs that you can squeeze in, not quite there yet.

I’m sorry if that came across as a little bunny-boiler-ish and overly hormonal. In the simple language which I love and understand the best, I’m just a little ‘pooped’.

Normal service however will be resumed immediately and indeed, I’m only a week away at most. So please forgive me. I’ve had a busy week where life has somewhat overtaken me, rammed, scratched and battered me, but I’m back on the straight, narrow and hardworking path of yet another wannabe author once again.

Right! Socks have been metaphorically pulled up, cap straightened and shoulders pulled back. I am ready to finish the last few chapters. I’m on the home run and raring to go. Just a quick cup of tea and I did spy some ginger nut biscuits hiding in the cupboard …

K x

Have you ever missed a deadline? And the consequences were ….?

39 thoughts on “I’ve Failed! (ish …)”

  1. I have not set personal deadlines as something usually happens to prolong my idea of completion. On the other hand work deadlines always finished ahead of time, but this is a different scenario as I like to finish things and get them out of the way so work can go one as normal well!

    Life deadlines to me are more important and require more care and analysis.

    Looking forward to reading your draft take care and look after yourself.

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  2. I have a recurring nightmare where I am back at uni and have six essays to write before term ends in a week. It is terrifying but i always wake up in a panic before I miss the deadline. I used to play it fairly close in real life, but never as badly as that! Good luck finishing!!!

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    1. This is my recurring nightmare too! I left Uni twenty years ago, but every six months or so I have a dream where I know I will not finish my final thesis! I did! I can stop worrying now!

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  3. No failure, it’s your book and your deadline. One of my favourite quotes is that it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you’re still making progress. Enjoy the journey and all that schnazzle! 😁

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  4. Who was it who said: “I love deadlines. I particularly the sound they make when they go whooshing by.”

    Not sure how to punctuate that with a question mark when I’m quoting a statement. Any takers who are grammar gurus?

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    1. Ha! Yes I’ve heard that too and I love it! As for the grammar, I’ve been reading up a little on this subject and have come to realise that I could do with going back to school. The more I read, the more concerned I become!

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      1. There is always going to be an aspect of grammar that fails me and now, I suspect, I’m too old to get it right. My commas will ever be suspect in placement, I’m afraid.

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  5. Ugh! Deadlines are killers. My books are through a publishing house so I always have a deadline hanging over my head. This last one was especially hard. I’m now in edits and have a deadline for them, too, LOL.

    I feel your pain 😀

    But—you’re back at it, and you’re sure to kick butt! 🙂

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      1. It’s never to late to start. I got my first publishing contract in 2012 at 50. Another writer I’m friendly with didn’t start publishing until her late 60s.
        Thanks for the good luck wishes. Sending you the same for your WIP!

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  6. I can’t wait to read this book. What’s it about? Yea, I know, annoying question that everybody asks. “Just buy the flippin thing when it comes out and you’ll know.”

    Books take ages to complete. I’m in the process of putting one on WordPress (yes, not Kindle…there’s a reason but I cant be bothered to explain right now) and the formatting is a nightmare.

    A friend of mine has just published her first novel on Kindle and it’s fab. She’s too coy to tell folk about it, so I keep brazenly asking, ‘Have you read her book?’ It’s refreshing to have such a great novel that doesn’t contain any expletives. Is yours a novel too?

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    1. Thanks so much for asking! Mine is all about last year when I cycled from the north to the south of France on my own, staying in my tiny little tent with an even tinier little stove for cooking. It includes all the good, the bad, and the hilarity that went with it; the total mental and physical exhaustion, the heat, the injuries and the wonderful experience of being in France as a very ditzy, totally irrational, overly blonde, middle-aged lassie. Everything. It’s very honest and I really, really hope you’ll like it. Xx


      1. Oh goodie! I have always wondered how you knew where to stay. I’m sure you didn’t just pick random fields, but I guess you must have done lots of reasearch beforehand. And I maintain that it was jolly brave of you. Please let me know when it’s ready for purchase. My friend’s book is called Shadow Soul – it’s really gripping! xx

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