And The Sun Shineth!

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London is bathed in glorious sunshine. Both young and old are in the parks and the streets with tentative smiles revelling in the apparent beginnings of spring. The chairs are being put outside the cafes once again and the daffodils are nodding their heads. The winter wardrobes are being packed away and the flippy floppy skirts are out in force.

Some have dared to bare some pasty skin to the air; pale legs which haven’t seen the light of day for six months are now on display. Woollen hats and scarves have been tossed aside and replaced by sunglasses perched atop pink noses. It may be sunny, but by Jove it’s still chilly! We have emerged from our hibernation full of cautious optimism for the start of a new season.

Girls sit outside bars drinking white wine spritzers rather than huddling next to the fire with a warmed heavy red. Boys drink … well, boys drink beer. (Yes, my tongue is firmly wedged in my cheek.)

I used to be a winter person, but now summer is my happy place. So with anticipation (and a little hope) of further warm sunshine and the frightening prospect for both myself and the general public of having to peel off the layers, I am having words with my pasty white body and am mentally preparing it for a day when a teensy trip to the beauticians is imminent.

“A leg wax?” my scrawny limbs scream in response!

“It’ll be gentle,” I say soothingly.

“Lying bitch!” they retort.

Indeed I am, but standards must prevail and I certainly don’t want my husband mistaking me for an orangutan again.

In the meantime, I shall clutch my hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and make another chicken pie to stock up the freezer. One can never be too sure when the weather will change, and frankly I cannot be having another argument with my legs again … they’re rebelling, on strike and refusing to move from the fireplace. Shame.

Katie xx

Are you a summer or a winter person?

How do you prepare for summer?

43 thoughts on “And The Sun Shineth!”

  1. My favourite season is autumn, followed by spring. I like the colours of summer but really don’t like the heat. Last year we had an extended heat wave, as I’m sure you’ll recall, and I did not enjoy sitting in a 30 degree office for three months, constantly sticky and muzzy headed! So I would rather have a crisp sunny winter day than a scorching summer one any day.

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    1. Oooh a crisp, sunny winter day is lovely I must agree! And yep, I can only imagine what it’s like to be in a 30 degree office for three months … not nice at all! I’ve always wanted to go to (I think it’s) New England to see the leaf colours as I’ve heard it’s beautiful …


      1. Well, good old England is pretty special in the autumn too! We live just up the road from Sheffield Park which has a great number of Japanese Maple (Acer) trees. Gorgeous in the autumn.

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    1. Oh yes, lovely for gardening! Just as everything is peeking up. I’m going to my in-laws again this weekend to go and help them with their garden and I’m so looking forward to it. I just hope that the weather holds. It must be gorgeous with you right now!


    1. I think our childhoods form so many of our loves and hates … I was always cold at home so being at school was actually a bit of a relief. I remember sitting on those big old radiators, until we were told that by doing that we’d give ourselves piles. I don’t even think we knew what they were, but we stopped anyway!

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  2. I am a spring and summer person, especially summer. It is still frigid where I live across the Pond, but I have hope that warmer weather will make its way here soon. I love pool weather. Winter wouldn’t be so bad if it would only hang around for a month and then take a hike!

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    1. Yes, it does rather drag on doesn’t it! I don’t like the drizzly wet and windy days … it makes me want to go back into hibernation. I’m with you on the spring and summer … they’re the best aren’t they! I’m sure you’ll have warmer weather soon … I’ll blow it over!

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  3. Spring. I love the flowers. Cherry blossoms, daffs, tulips and crocuses are all gone by the summer and replaced with blue bottles and wasps. Winter’s too dark and damp and on a dark Autumn night, one can’t tell if one is about to tread on a leaf or dog poo.

    So, Spring it is! 😊

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    1. Oh that sounds lovely! Doesn’t cutting the grass make the biggest difference of all. I’ve just had a fellow blogger and friend around for coffee and we’ve spent the time sitting outside in the sunshine … it’s wonderfully warm isn’t it!

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