If Music be the Food of Love …

woman doing ballet dance in pathway
Photo by Anderson Miranda on Pexels.com

Disappearing into the bowels of the earth, otherwise known as the underground system of London, the sound of a violin rose up to meet me. A young man was playing the tune from A Fiddler on the Roof, “If I were a Rich Man”.

Oh, if only I could have joined him with some fabulous Russia dancing!

oh how I wanted to don my dancing shoes and join this marvellous man with his enthusiastic fiddling on his fiddle!

Oh how I wanted to leap beside him with gay abandon!

(Nb. Slight yawn, but for those wanting to be politically or otherwise correct, please note that I am using gay in the old fashioned sense … I have no desire to make comparisons of dancing abilities between people of varying sexual orientations – I’m exhausted, should have used a different word in the first place).

As he played faster and faster I was swept up in the excitement of the moment and the exhilarating music, so promptly tipped the meagre contents of my purse into his violin case. He grinned widely at me and added a slight dip of his chin to acknowledge my paltry collection of two and five pence pieces. He also got two safety pins and a book of Royal Mail stamps, but I managed to retrieve those.

With my heart singing, I continued on my journey with his music becoming fainter, but with my walk infinitely lighter and bouncier. I write this despite the unhappy truth that even if I wanted to risk the disapproving looks of fellow travellers who would assume that I was most probably a complete loon, I strongly suspect that once crouched down in my Russian dancing stance ready to fling my legs from under me, I would never have been able to stand up again without the help of some small hydraulic apparatus.

So, if you’re needing a little boost today, turn on the radio, do a little jig, sing, or even join a fiddler and try a Russian dance.

Katie x

Does jolly music make you want to dance with gay abandon?

28 thoughts on “If Music be the Food of Love …”

  1. I can just imagine you doing that – no one would have thought of you as loony (maybe just a little) but I’ll bet your bright eyes and dazzling smile would have put a spring in everyone’s step. Next time DO IT! It’s an order. Xxx

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  2. I love fiddle music…more than that, I love to dance. So yes, bright and sprightly music makes me want twirl around to and dance (although I don’t know that I’d partake in a subway, LOL). But you WILL find me on a dance floor without an reservations–until muscle aches creep in the next morning.

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  3. I love to dance Katie, if the music was right be it a boutique, or supermarket you would find me dancing down the isles in gay abandon not able to stop the flow of music. Like you I would need a crane to pull me off the floor as the natural padding in my knees seems to have disappeared to where I do not know. If it is Irish Celtic Music then my cat would be joining us, loves to dance to this.

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    1. That’s hilarious! I love the sound of your cat! What is it that happens to our knees … I seem to have so little padding and also a lack of strength in them. Oh no, is this an age thing??! Never mind, I shall join you in the supermarket aisles and we can dance with gay abandon 😀

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  4. I’m with Anna, do it!!! LOL I am thinking free spirit rather than looney and imagine the smiles people wouldn’t be able to surpress with your gay abandon. I also reckon most people would be thinking I wish I was that free and gay 😂And yep I do break into dance with zero notice.

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  5. I love that it makes you want to dance.
    Although I’m young I always have to stop myself saying ‘you should be happy and gay’, for gay means freeish happiness, but I guess no longer.

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    1. I know, it’s a funny thing isn’t it … my mother always used to use the word gay and we rather sadly had to correct her. She did tend to also get a bit confused with the words tipsy and stoned. She thought that if she had a little glass of sherry, then she could describe herself as stoned! We had to correct her on that too in case she got inadvertently arrested!

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