She’s Dead …

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Betty is dead.

Betty was my black dog, my little cackling demon, the ogre clutching on to my back. Haven’t we all had a little of her from time to time?

The majority of us have suffered from moments of depression, anxiety or a combination of both. I had my fair share, yet whether mine was worse or not than anyone else’s, who am I to say? I had moments of feeling blue, but then don’t we all? Perhaps that’s all it ever was, just a little bit of blue.

Like all the evil bullies of this world, in the end Betty found me to be a rather repellent host and has consequently moved on.

The sun is shining, the world is a happy, if complicated place and I can see Betty and the bullies for what they truly are. Having used every resource available to me, (see my post Depression – A Multi-Pronged Attack ) I can confirm that this slightly unhinged woman has indeed killed Betty and moved on.

“Ha! Don’t you get so cocky!” I hear someone say with a smirk. Perhaps they’re right; but in truth I don’t want to be around that person. I only surround myself with positive people who like me want to live in peace, love and optimism. Yes, I have to be careful and keep an eye on myself, but that’s what we all do anyway.

Life is for living. But most importantly, life is for living in the light and not the darkness.

Katie x

50 thoughts on “She’s Dead …”

    1. Absolutely! Thanks so much. And what a beautiful day it is today … I been scrubbing rugs with the hose and a bucket of soapy water outside the front door! Lots of very odd looks but it’s been rather therapeutic!

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  1. Great news you finally kicked her into touch. The people who are around us make the difference in helping us to stay bouyant and positive. Good luck with everything you have overcome and realise the ups and downs are natural. When the downs or blues are around is to rise above them get up and dust down and keep moving on. Many blessings to you Katie,

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  2. Good for you, Katie. Surrounding yourself with positive presences is a really important factor, I think, and feeling able to limit your exposure to toxicity is too. Xxxxx

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