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A week in New York has slightly blown my mind.  

Since arriving back home, I’ve spend the last 12 hours alternating between walking like a zombie and lying on the sofa mopping my fevered brow.  Actually there is nothing fevered about my brow in the least but I was hoping to portray an image of a broken woman.  A broken woman with jet lag who would be the grateful recipient of peeled grapes being fed to her by her doting husband.  I’ll admit this scenario is unlikely, however I can categorically say that I am pooped, knackered and done in.

Being on holiday in a city is very different to spending a week flat-hunting and trying to understand how ‘the city that never sleeps’ actually works. One is swept into a false sense of security by the fact that the language is, by and large, the same.  Do not be fooled! Trying to understand the rights, wrongs and the pitfalls of a chaotic, manic city where everything is different is not easy.

Attitudes are different, tone is different and requests often come across as orders. Networking is key and the phrase ‘The Land of Opportunity” holds strong. Tipping compared to Blighty is a very different system and costs. Ultimately, living in New York compared to London is expensive. Very.

We’ve been introduced to some good people and thankfully have several friends already living there which no doubt will ease the transition. But at the end of the day, the transition has to be made by us.

As a note to self, I have to remember not to say ‘golly’ or ‘gosh’ too often and whilst saying ‘poppycock’ amused me, it raised a few eyebrows. It’s just such a glorious word …

Am I excited? Hugely! This is such an adventure … This is The Land of Opportunity where anything can happen! Who knows, maybe I’ll come back in a few years time with bright white teeth and the most enormous pair of knockers. How thrilling! I jokingly mentioned this to The Colonel and he went a little pale – Oh poppycock, golly and gosh! If he doesn’t know when I’m joking, then I’m doomed in America …

Katie xx

As ever, all tips and advice will be gratefully received 🤓🤓

28 thoughts on “Boom!”

  1. I think most people I met were delighted by the accent and dumbfounded by the language. Have immense fun. It will be spiffing (the bar person I said that too wondered if it was some quaint English expression to smoking a joint).

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    1. Ha! Wonderful! I met a polish chap at the airport who was told that our flight was choc-a-bloc … “What is the bloc choc?” he asked me. It was so lovely, for the first time in a week, to be someone who understood a funny little phrase.

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      1. Unless you are going to the theater (which I highly recommend use today’s tix app for good prices ) do not go to Times Square. I can not stress this more. Times Square is the definition of a tourist trap. But any live performance in nyc is amazing. If you can buy advance tickets for something do it! Seriously…everything is always crowded. Make dinner reservation if the place takes them. Do not eat in chain or franchise restaurants. Take advantage of the varied cuisines available….amazing ethnic food options. Use the subway. Traffic is atrocious. All the museums are amazing but crowded. Go early. Ask me whatever questions you have. Oh….comfortable shoes!!!

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      2. Wow! This is the best load of advice I’ve had yet! Thank you so, so much. I’ve just read this out to my husband who says “Thank you soooo much!” I must say I’ve never walked so much as I did last week! But it’s just so tempting to want to see everything and do everything. We’re hoping to secure an apartment over the next couple of days so keeping my fingers firmly crossed. We lost out on the first one which was a real shame as I rather fell in love with it, but there will be others. Whereabouts are you? Thanks so much for all the info … honestly, if you can bear to spend the time, I’d be so grateful for anything else that you can think of. I had no idea about the whole ‘no fee vs broker or agency fee’ thing with apartments – don’t really understand it but … golly that’s a lot of money! Thank you again so much. Katie x

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      3. Key deposit means they want a huge amount of security deposit. Try to find a sublet. That’s your best value. I’m in a area technically called rose hill, but as no one calls it that, it’s between Gramercy and kips bay on the east side in the twenties. Every neighborhood has its own character, which is why it’s cool to pick an area and walk around

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      4. Ahh that makes sense … thanks. We liked it around there and saw some great apartments, and had a lot of fun walking about too. I must say it was huge fun looking at all the different blocks and areas. I loved so much of it … I’m just so excited!

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    1. Oh thank you! It’s suddenly starting to get rather real …. it would be better if we had secured an apartment but keeping fingers firmly crossed that it will happen shortly. Thanks for reading and will keep you posted! Hope you’re well too? Katie xxx

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  2. Whilst I’m sad for the simple reason that I’ll miss my Katie and MUCH prefer having you within a half hour drive as opposed to a seven hour flight, I’m so excited for you! Lucky, lucky US of A! And New York will look like it’s had an instant face lift with you there to brighten it up. I absolutely LOVE new beginnings and what an amazing adventure this will be for you and your lovely Colonel! Argh! I’m torn! I want to cheer you on at the same time as I want to bad mouth NYC to put you off going! 🙂 Nah, you go slay, girl! It’ll be amazing and you’ll love it there. I’ll be missing you lots and lots. xxxxxxxx

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  3. Wonderful news, so much excitement and adventure. Remember to be yourself, you have an amazing sense of humour, the USA will just have to learn some new words as I am sure they do when visiting the UK. Everything you say is simple good expressions nothing offensive. Enjoy it. Looking forward to your new stories.

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    1. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out in the US. First impressions of New York were wonderful if somewhat manic. Should find out next week if we have secured our apartment… keep your fingers crossed for me! Have a lovely weekend x


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