Meghan and Harry …. What a Drama!

Dare I say that it’s rather reassuring to know that all families have issues?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether we originate from the highest or lowest echelons of society, where there’s a family involved, there’s bound to be the odd skeleton jangling and lurking in the cupboard with a propensity to reveal itself at the most inopportune moment. Prince Andrew’s skeletons rather fell out with a loud clatter at the public’s feet; and now the truth is out as to what Harry and Meghan really want, which is, well, not exactly what the Queen originally had in mind.

The newspapers can’t get enough of it, Twitter has become crazed with activity and I suspect there are some fairly solemn faces around the family kitchen table. Except they probably don’t have their meetings there …

What do we do when there’s a drama unfolding at home? I guess we all do things differently, from talking, shouting, slamming the occasional door, being reasonable and unreasonable. But at least we get to do it without the world watching us.

I suspect there are a couple of nervous Corgis hiding under a sofa somewhere hoping for life to go back to normal quickly. I also suspect that Her Majesty is probably the finest example of how to remain calm amidst a crisis. Hats off to her I say!

I wonder what the outcome will be ….

Katie x

33 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry …. What a Drama!”

  1. Dear Kate, What a great article! You write SO beautifully. When’s your book coming out??? Can’t wait to read it 😊😊😊

    I hope you are well and NY life invigorating and fun. Do you have any home plans? Would love a girlie catch up like we all had last time.

    I hope the boys are well and you happy and well. Do send your news – I’d love to hear how it all is.

    Much love and many hugs to you, from Katie B xxxxxx


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  2. Oh I do love Harry, I would absolutely love to sit down with him and Meghan and have a good yarn about the state of the world! It seems this whole situation really does bring a more human side out in the Royal family, the images of the Queen driving for example… honestly I find it rather refreshing! I think Diana would be quite proud…

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    1. I too think Diana would be so proud. What lovely young men she has produced. It’s pretty tough bringing up children and despite all the wealth in the world, it’s a harsh world and they have their every move judged by not just our country, but by every country! Tricky, to say the least!

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  3. Your so right! All families have issues. One difference can be how they resolve them. It must be hard to do it so publicly though. I hope that the royal family can do what most families do and pull together to help Megan and Harry, who by all accounts have had a very rough ride from the media. Can’t blame them for preferring the sanity and sanctity of Canada…..and I am not even a royalist…..

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    1. I’m with you … as Hilary Clinton once said, “Sh*t happening is inevitable, it’s how we deal with it/resolve it is what matters.” This is so true. You’re right … they’ve had a rough ride … I’m surprised though that they were never given better advice … shame, because they have so much to offer to everyone. I reckon all will be well in the end, well, that’s what I’m hoping! ❤️

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  4. Great to hear from you. Yes you’re right in that the Queen is very dignified. It makes me laygh when the papers claim they know what she’s said and what she’s thinking – it’s all made up by them. Remember when an intruder got inyo her bedroom? Sat sat him down and calmly had a nice chat with him. I feel very sorry for Meghan – apart from her mother, her family have behaved appallingly. I like the two of them and I wish them well. Hope you’re okay too. I will reply to you soon 😉 xxx Oh drat! I’m just about to press send and WP is asking me who he hell I am. I must be logged into one of my other blogs. It’s me Sharon, from Beat Depression with your grandad’s sledgehammer. I think I have to fill this form below in coz I’m doing this on my phone. Tally ho!

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    1. Oh you do make me laugh!! Lovely to hear from you! I agree …. I think they just make up stuff which must be incredibly hard to deal with. They refer to ‘an insider source’ so often which is just extraordinary! If there was a ‘mole’ in Buckingham Palace they’d have been booted out long ago! Do hope you’re well … I’ve got a ton of catching up to do on your blogs I suspect 😀 which is great because I love ‘em! Xxx

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  5. Ah, and the plethora of typos! You may delete my comment. The perfectionist in me wants to ask you to correct them before publication but you have far better things ta do than to proofread the replies of your followers. Nay mind. I shall make sure I refrain from commenting via my phone. 😊

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  6. I confess I do not read other people’s blogs very often. But I have missed reading your blogs and I do enjoy them tremendously. I am sorry I have so much going on in my life that I cannot remember people’s names. But I enjoyed reading your blog again and I am going to try to read it more often.

    Terri D

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    1. Awww you’re so kind and sweet Terri. I’ve been somewhat inundated with moving countries … it certainly takes it out of one, but I feel much more settled now. I’ve just come back from a wee holiday in the sunshine and you know, it works miracles just having the warmth. Not that I was blue or down or anything, just sometimes it’s nice to get away and have a bit of a change and a big breath of fresh air. This city is pretty manic! Anyhow, I’ve got some catching up to do on your blogs I suspect and I do hope you’re well and doing ok. Sending hugs, Katie

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      1. Thank you Katie. I have recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer (in addition to my stage 3 kidney disease) which I write about in my blogs. I am okay though. My Jesus, family, friends, church, especially my wonderful husband and even my dogs and cat give me a lot of love, support, courage and strength.

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  7. I’m currently back in the UK and the Megan and Harry headline is everywhere, as you can imagine! The radio phone-ins are particularly entertaining – for all the wrong reasons. At least it makes a change from the dreaded B—-t. When I return to France, the M & H story will be the main topic for the Eng conversations classes I take. My students (nearly all) are Royal Family mad, much more than I am. I always tease them by saying that their interest stems from having decapitated all their own Royalty!! Fab post.

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    1. Ha! That’s just made me laugh out loud! Yes, I’d forgotten about the French!! Over here in NY there’s such mixed feelings … it’s a bit like discussing Trump, you never quite know what the response will be, but whatever it is, it’s strong! Lovely to hear from you and hope all is well x

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  8. K, I’m very happy you have a book coming out. I have my first draft I’m halfway through editing, but nowhere near publication ready. Gave you done one before? So much to learn about how to get it submitted, and even then who knows if it’ll ever happen? My brother self published one, I hope to not have to go that route but will if I must. Any tips? If so, please gmail me! Any biking in your future? Sorry to be out of touch – we do what we can. Best wishes and all the rest!

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    1. Lovely to hear from you! Sorry, it’s been busy adjusting to a new country and getting used to everything. I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re writing – this is great news. I’m editing like you, but have just binge-read a book called “The Book You Were Born to Write” by Kelly Notaras. In it, she focuses mostly on my sort of genre which is memoir/self-help etc however frankly even if you were doing fiction, it’s good. For me it’s been a bit of a lifesaver. I realise now why I’m struggling with the editing (because I never actually wrote any form of outline …. I just, wrote) which for doing a commercial memoir is really necessary. She talks about self-publication vs agents etc and the pros and cons. It sort of took away the worry about not knowing anything to do with writing. Anyway, it might be useful to look for a similar type of book even if it’s not Kelly Notaras’ one?? I haven’t written one before so am a complete novice. I don’t know if you follow A Fractured Faith, but ask Stephen for any tips …. he’s super nice (mention me if it helps). He’s got one book out and about to self-publish his second one I think. Anyway, do hope you’re well and let me know what genre your book is! I’m really pleased for you. Katie

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  9. Not a huge fan of the royal family (I borrowed my dads boat and spent Diana’s wedding day out in the Irish Sea so I could avoid the fuss). Not a big fan of my own family either, for that matter.
    But from what I have seen, Harry seems a thoroughly decent lad and I admire the courageous step he and Meghan have taken.

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    1. I think that despite what people like to portray on social media, there are always issues with families … what seems perfect on the outside, can so often be truly flawed once opening the door a crack. Don’t blame you for taking your dad’s boat out … there are days I wish I could do the same. Kx

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  10. Yes. We are all human and most of us have families. I appreciate your empathy and respectful playfulness (“I suspect there are a couple of nervous Corgis hiding under a sofa somewhere hoping for life to go back to normal quickly. “) I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. It sounds like you may have moved recently form the UK to the USA? If that is correct, welcome!

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