47. Robbie Williams and Mental Health



So now Robbie is making the headlines about ‘the disease in his head that wants to kill him.’ Well if that doesn’t help break the stigma, I’m not sure what will. There will be those of course, who say that he frazzled his brain himself with all the drugs and frankly with all that money he can afford the top treatments which perhaps are not accessible to the rest of us and therefore sympathy might not be high on their list of priorities. Personally however, I rather like him, not in a groupie sort of way, but in an ‘I’m going to attack life and give it my all’ sort of way.

And that is, when I’m feeling drab and a tad shoddy, what I lack. That ‘va va voom’. That gusto and effervescence that I know is lurking beneath the surface, but is being smothered by a heavy dark and murky fog.

But today is a beautiful day, snow is blanketing Scotland and I’m housebound. So, let’s turn on some Robbie, dance around the kitchen and find some va va voom!

Happy Wednesday!

Katie x

13 thoughts on “47. Robbie Williams and Mental Health”

    1. Aww thank you! Yes, Scotland is gorgeous and it’s today completely covered in snow and looking beautiful. The people, the landscapes and the architecture are wonderful …. but the weather can be a tad drab!! Usually it’s raining! Have a great day yourself ☃️

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  1. I googled Robbie Williams (he’s not all that famous in my part of the world) and listened to his Angel song. Thank you!
    And I feel for you, being snowed in. I’m not a winter person, but I am a sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate person. I hope you stay warm. ; )

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