Darling, You’re Beautiful!

beautiful blonde face female
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Towards the end of my cycling trip last summer, I came to the conclusion that both Claude (the bicycle) and I needed a little attention. So I hosed Claude down with water, gave him some oil for his squeaky bits, and found a lovely lady in a beauty salon for myself. I did however go in the hope that any cleansing and moisturising treatments for me, would be marginally more gentle.

She took one look at me and started tutting with a slow shake of her beautifully coiffed head. This was perhaps not the best of starts, but always one for believing that the truth can hurt, I ignored this and persevered.

An hour and a half later and I reappeared a new woman. She had been given a fairly tough job, but managed in a short period of time to perform nothing short of a miracle.

During this time however, we spoke in a mixture of my bad French and her decidedly better English about beauty. I asked her how it was that French woman always seemed to be so well put together and just naturally beautiful.

Her response was as follows:

She said the English were like sparkling man-made Christmas trees; adorned with flashing coloured lights, baubles, tinsel and weighed down and covered from top to bottom in some form of the latest trend in decoration.

The French on the other hand, were simply healthy trees with just a few plain candles to enhance their natural and pure beauty and nothing more.

This was of course her own opinion, but one thing did resonate. That being, there is beauty in simplicity. Life doesn’t have to be covered in sparkling lights to make it perfect. perhaps there is truth in the proverb, “All that glitters is not gold”.


Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?

32 thoughts on “Darling, You’re Beautiful!”

  1. I think your French friend has a point. The young lady who cut my hair yesterday was lovely but her spray-tan , makeup and bling was actually a distraction from that. Not to mention her leather trousers and bare midriff. It all said ‘trying too hard’ and she did not need it .

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    1. I think some of these reality tv shows like TOWIE etc have a lot to answer for .. there seems to be a bit of a fashion for the very heavy makeup, false eye lashes and spray tan. I just can’t see what they really look like underneath it all and they all look the same! I bet you didn’t know where to look when you were having your hair cut!

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  2. Lovely post and a lovely sentiment. Americans are every bit as bauble and glitz happy. I think, however, as we age we become more simplistic about our appearance—which is weird, because you’d think it would be the opposite!

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  3. The world is full of beautiful women, but the ones that resonate with me are the ones that combine physical beauty with grace, wit, and intelligence. You can see it when they walk, when they talk, and when they look into your eyes.

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    1. Yes I’m with you.

      I once knew a woman whose features were a little bit wonky but somehow she was absolutely stunning. I think Cate Blanchett is lovely looking – she’s not a classic regular featured model, but in her own unique way is absolutely gorgeous too.

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