Last Week I Met an Author.

Last week I met the author Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE. She has written 35 novels, sold over 30 million copies and is apparently worth in excess of 300 million dollars. That’s a lot of books and an awful lot of money.

When I think of us all tap, tapping away on our iPads and laptops with our spellcheckers and predictive text working overtime, I wonder if when she began in the 1970’s she wrote on a manual typewriter with a dictionary and thesaurus to hand.

She was charming and very beautiful. I was star struck and developed a rather strange lisping stutter. I did however manage to ask her how disciplined she was about her writing. Ridiculous question of course, but surprising that I managed to utter any words given the sudden vocal constraints. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I told you she starts at five o’clock every morning and with only a short break at lunch, continues writing all day. Ahh! So yes, really rather disciplined.

So with this in mind, I have adjusted my daily schedule to, if not exactly rising at five, certainly by nine o’clock I am wrestling once again with my final editing. I’ve begun researching appropriate agents and pondering over query letters and all the while, thinking about beautiful Barbara and how hard she works, day in, day out despite being over 80. Quite an inspiration. I just wish I hadn’t have offered to find her a cab … of course she had her driver waiting for her downstairs … what a durr I am.

Katie xx

Is there anyone who really inspires you to write or work?

18 thoughts on “Last Week I Met an Author.”

  1. I like Barbara’s schedule…I can not do it for a variety of reasons: earning a living in the mean time and taking care of my son…..but those are excuses. Danielle Steel worked her but off at night after taking care of 7 kids all day. So I need to buck up and look at my effort. No more excuses.

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    1. Aww thanks … you’re right I’ve been quiet on WordPress. All is fine, it’s just been busy adjusting to a new city, which is wonderful but takes some getting used to! And what of you? How’re you? I must catch up on your posts … I’ll have a read now xx

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      1. I’m doing okay. Tired and really okay and grateful for that.

        I’m glad to know that you’re just busy…

        New cities are definitely adjustments… I hope you meet lotsa awesome people and make new friends there.

        Happy Monday!

        Love, light, and glitter

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