Exactly How Many Of Us Are Writing a Book?

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It appears to me that there are a plethora of budding authors here on WordPress.

Indeed, some already have beautifully bound books sitting on the shelves. Oh, how we long to be in your shoes! How we dream of being that far along the published line, with our designated writing rooms and a spouse who when visitors appear at the door, whisper that you are not to be disturbed as the genius, the ‘artiste’, is ‘at work’.

Said genius might perhaps be wafting around in a silk negligee and matching robe with a cigarette holder firmly clamped between glossy scarlet lips as she drops ash on the carpet whilst dictating to her loyal and dependable secretary. Of course if the author is of the male variety, one presumes that there would be less of the silk negligee and more of the smoking jacket and cigar, but I’m frightfully broad minded these days, and frankly, anything goes.

Some however have finished writing and are desperately and nervously waiting for the telephone to ring. Waiting in excruciating anticipation for their editors, agents or publishers to gush in delight, gasping with excitement at the marvellously original manuscript that you have sent. Cover to cover they have devoured your novel whilst rubbing their hands in glee at the potential film rights whilst already looking at potential Oscar winners to take the leading role. Oh! Oh! Oh!

And then, there are those of us (and I include myself in this grouping) who are daily, weekly or whenever-we-can-ly tap, tap, tapping away at our computers and iPads.

We live in a never-ending rollercoaster of hopeful optimism and desperate pessimism. We continue with life, with children, families, jobs and dreary mundane problems sucking out the very life within us; whilst in the deepest and dustiest crevices of our grey matter we secretly harbour and nurture a tiny and often fleeting glimmer of hope. A candle light so faint it can barely be seen. And so we continue to write, to throw our vulnerable selves, our mind and souls onto the pages for all to see, just in case, just in case …. we can succeed.

So carry on my friends! And if ever you wish to be seen in a flimsy and quite possibly highly flammable silk negligee whilst holding a cigarette, don’t forget that smoking is terribly bad for you, but frankly I may well come and join you. My tongue is, as ever, firmly lodged in my cheek, however, with all sincerity may I say, let us keep writing, keep working for as well as loving to write, we also love to read each others work. And one day, one day, that little glimmer of hope just might turn into a roaring flame.

Katie xx

Are you writing with a purpose in mind, for pleasure or a combination of the two? I won’t ask if you have a penchant for negligee, but … do tell …

43 thoughts on “Exactly How Many Of Us Are Writing a Book?”

  1. Well, I report, I don’t smoke, but a LIVE poetry book (Digestible Poetry) is in the making for iBooks Store. Live, as once it is purchased, the reader gets guaranteed monthly content updates of new poetries for a year at least.

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    1. Ahh my superhero! You are where so many of us dream of being and it makes us want to work even harder. Enormous congratulations.
      I just love Noël Coward, and have just found this, a conversation between him and an interviewer from Time:

      When a Time interviewer apologised, “I hope you haven’t been bored having to go through all these interviews for your [70th] birthday, having to answer the same old questions about yourself”, Coward rejoined, “Not at all. I’m fascinated by the subject.”

      That’s made me laugh … Fantastic!

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  2. I’m not a smoker but I would imagine silk negligee’s are highly flammable and a definite fire risk. You know where I am on my writing journey so all I can say is ‘Hurry up and finish yours so I can read it.’ You are a wonderful writer.

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    1. Yes, health and safety and all that!

      I’m making good progress … still on target for finishing it on Valentines Day. Am on a series of courses at the moment which are taking up a fair amount of time, but am heading down to the coffee shop now to do another chapter!

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  3. So excited to hear the finish line is in sight because I love how you write and well, I think YOU are pretty damn awesome too, so keep tap-tapping away girl!

    How you’re on target to finish in the next few weeks is hugely inspiring to me! You see, I must have started at least 30 “books” and probably 10 half serious that I ended up with a reasonable amount for – I must have about that, actually, saved and forgotten on old laptops, a bunch of thirds of a draft! Most probably around the 40,000 word mark because that’s where I seem to falter, I get to the middle and don’t carry on. Inspiration and motivation flows like crazy to begin with, I get a third down and then…. …meh. To see the whole story arch and all its threads through to the end is what I’ve for some reason not done.

    I can’t say ‘yes’ to your question as I haven’t actually started, but increasingly a book about drinking/sobriety/addiction is percolating in my chaotic little head… And the game changer may just be that now I’m sober I’ll be ready for the full marathon and not just little bursts here and there! So thank you for inspiring me, it honestly helps to sort of witness you going about writing your book. Obviously you’re crazy talented so I feel a little intimidated, but even so – you’re a trail blazer here in my eyes so will try to follow your lead!

    Now get back to your tap-tapping. Or send me the next few chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patience isn’t my thing.



    1. Intimidated! Pah! You know I’m the most ditzy lassie out there! I KNOW you’ve got several books in you. And something that can incorporate the drinking, or lack of would be brilliant. I do think (she says with absolutely no experience!) that if you can write about something that you have experienced and understand makes for a good read as it’s believable. Your writing is beyond excellent … it really is. I’m just keeping on going because, a little like the cycling trip, too many people know about it now and therefore there’s no backing out … a product, however awful, needs to be produced at some point. Oh God! Pleeeeease write! Mwah! Mwah! Xx

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  4. I am one actual page in (written over a year ago) but with lots of notes on characters made for a project begun over five years ago. I am going nowhere quickly! As for silk negligees, it is so perishingly cold in my home that vests and hoodies are more conducive to both productivity and keeping hypothermia at bay! 😁

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    1. My husband is of the theory (as was my father) that it’s better to put on another jumper rather than turning on the heating … as a child therefore and even now, I am permanently cold! Bring on the summer I say! Good luck with your writing – it sounds as though you’ve got the ideas sorted. 😀


      1. My mum is like that too so I am also well used to the cold and can’t bring myself to change habits now! Sometimes I keep my jacket and scarf on inside if I’m alone in the house to save lighting a fire until I pick my son up at lunch time! I agree though…summer can’t get here quickly enough!

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  5. I wish this were Facebook so that I may ‘love’ this post rather than merely liking. I fear I will forever be a frustrated writer. I am sure that there is a novel hidden deep within myself, if only I had the patience, the means and, perhaps, most poignantly, the time to delve within my inner self to extract it!

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  6. About 60 children’s stories crammed into notebooks and sketches in a pile that needs serious collating. It’s a new career. I might never finish them, might never work out how to illustrate them all or I might just get my proverbial undercarriage in gear and end up a highly sought after professional writer! Doing will give me a 50/50 chance of being the latter. I actually want to make those odds better so from end of this year my studio will be finished and the childhood dream to paint and write can manifest.
    Well done you for being near completion. When I get published I will ensure I wear bright red lipstick and fluffy slippers in honour of those racy authoresses who crack out novel every year. That’s commitment to the art. And that’s what it’s all about…commitment. Write and write some more.

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      1. I like your faith in me. Well I bought two art tables and chairs this week and a few books on creativity so making progress. We have to see the local building company about installing a mezzanine floor in our factory space. I have popped my garret up a floor higher accessed via this new mezzanine. I get chronic vertigo so the guys better configure the stairwells so I don’t see the whole drop to ground level or I won’t be coming down. Or maybe that’s how to get the book written!

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  7. Well done for staying disciplined and focused. You are a very entertaining and compelling writer. I have a book published (a work-related text book), a gardening book that was accepted by an agent but that has not been published. Unless some miracle happens I don’t think it will. There is a satisfaction in just completing a book, I think. The publishing world is big and scary, and I think you have to be very lucky to capture the imagination of the right person. The process of writing is my favourite part, when words are tumbling out and you know you are on fire.

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    1. Oh but you’re clever … a proper book, a gardening book (of which I have masses and am always ready to buy more!). You’re right, just the writing in itself is an absolute joy. If nothing comes of it, well, I shall just have to try again. Will you write more? Katie


  8. Well I don’t smoke but I kinda fancy the idea of flouncing around in a silk negligee. 😜 There’s no book for me yet but I’ve got a few of my articles in print this month in various Australian travel mags so I’ll be content with that. Have fun with yours. Love your writing. 🙂

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  9. Negligees are for the bedroom, teeheehee! My story about working at a homeless shelter, dotted with memories of my travels far and wide, is in the final editing stages, thank you for asking! My family doesn’t ask anymore as I’ve been working on this project for a while. It’s like you wrote so eloquently, how I harbour that glitter of hope! But, more writing has been done really late at night in my pj’s than in a negligee, to tell you the truth! Best of luck with your own writing. I love what I’ve read!

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    1. You’re very kind. And good luck with yours too… this is so exciting, a really exciting year ahead for both of us. My family keep asking which is putting the pressure on a bit, but actually I think that’s quite good as it’s keeping me motivated to finish it! I look forward to hearing more about yours! Katie

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  10. 25,000 words in. At the risk of highlighting what an awful author I make, here’s a cliche for any budding novelists. Enjoy the journey not the destination. If all you’re thinking about are film rights but not enjoying the process or the learning then…

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      1. Hi. It’s first person cricket fiction, a niche market!

        A moral tale of somebody who makes an error of judgement just when things were going well.

        Available in all good book stores in… a couple of years, or not!

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  11. Betty, yes, well, you may know that I’m working on a book when I’m not blogging. And share a similar struggle with time, life and so on intruding. I believe we’ll get there, though what it will look like is anyone’s guess. I’d be happy with a few copies for friends and family. Of course a few hundred thousand for the bestseller list might be alright, too. Keep on keepin’ on!

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