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I am not in the same league as some of the gardeners here on WordPress. Frankly, I am in awe of their horticultural prowess.

I do however have a few meagre RHS qualifications and occasionally some Latin names find their way from the dusty crevices of the grey matter. Alas, give me houseplants and I’ll kill them. I will kill them by either forgetting about them or overloving them.

I suspect historically that happened to a few relationships as well. (Obviously I didn’t actually kill the boyfriends, although I’d have liked to have thrown a few plates, vases and saucepans at some; but that might have made me seem a little unhinged, and I’m obviously not that.)

Yesterday however, and back to the gardening, I took the train from London and came (sans mon husband) to visit my parents-in-law. The reason: Obviously to enjoy some time with them, but also to help with their garden.

And garden I did!

Yes, it was chilly. Yes, my nose was a little sniffy and my ears turned attractively scarlet in the freezing cold, but it was glorious! And I thought I was a fair-weather gardener…

Fresh air and exercise has culminated in a tidy garden which has cleared out the cerebral cobwebs and frankly I crave for more. The sense of achievement has left me feeling unattractively smug and faintly pleased with myself. So if anyone wants to put me in my place or their garden needs sorting, you know where I am … well, sort of. Although, there’s limited internet here so if you’re horribly rude I won’t be able to retort quickly back or indeed give you my address. Bother! 😉

Katie x

Do you have green fingers?

22 thoughts on “Gardening!”

  1. Please Katie you are more than welcome to practice your Horticulture skills on our disaster area. My dad was a great gardener, unfortunately I am not. I tried a bit today, yes it was chilly, I did manage to deforest a few weed zones. I tend to kill plants regardless of location. So I would love to have green fingers unfortunately mine are blue from the cold and are unfortunately hardly ever green.

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      1. The only plant I can raise without killing (and that was only after I did homework on how not to accidentally murder them) are phalaenopsis orchids. I love the mini kind because they’re so little and cute, and it helps they do better indoors so I don’t have to worry about putting them outside during warmer weather and having bugs eat them. Plus direct sunlight without any shade can burn their leaves.

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      2. Whoops, I just realized after hitting the send button on my last comment that I might have mistakenly added it as a reply to someone else’s comment? Sorry!

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      3. Well, I will have to see lol. Many of the orchids I have now had damaged roots or not so healthy root systems. Some are older and have grown new roots in the past year but it’s going to take more time before they’re strong enough to produce flower stalks.

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  2. My fingers have greened a little over the years, with a lot of practice! I fell in to gardening out of necessity but now it’s a passion, just love it, mainly fair weather though, but like to keep the garden neat in winter. Super cold here this week but when it gets slightly milder need to take the top off the grass, it’s SO long and cut the roses back, can’t wait! roll on spring!

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  3. This was a very nice read, i do have green fingers myself. I am volunteering at Stourhead with the gardening team, which i love doing it twice a week. I love to be outside doing practical jobs, one day i hope this experience will help me in the future.

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    1. Oh how wonderful! You must be learning a great deal … I’m very impressed. Gardening has been the most brilliant career for me whilst I was bringing up my children and in today’s mad world it’s relevant and always will be. Thanks for reading! Katie

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      1. I am only young myself, hoping i can have a brilliant career. Maybe your children will get into gardening too or something along them lines, Stourhead is a lovely place i am very lucky to be there and learning every day i go.

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      2. Well done you! It’s a wonderful thing to do and frankly you’ll never, ever be out of work. I have found it to be brilliant for my physical and mental health, have managed to work it around childcare etc … and if you like the geeky side of it, there are so many different avenues that you can go down in that direction too. On WordPress here, there’s a lovely fellow called The Arty Plantsman who is incredibly knowledgable and also paints beautifully … worth having a look at his blog if you have a minute. Katie x


  4. Haha Katie! What a great post 🙂

    I know exactly what you describe. I feel that same euphoria when accomplishing something in the yard (and/or garden) with my hubby. It just makes you feel so much more alive and well.

    I’m glad you got to enjoy the crisp, cool air in the garden with your in-laws 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Funnily enough, I’m back there again this weekend. Hubby and I have just cleared two herbaceous borders, created a new one, created a new path and laid a mass of lawn … I’m utterly exhausted!! I have to say, however, that the in-laws age absolutely delighted which is so lovely. Thanks so much for reading! Katie x

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