”Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

(The last book by Dr Seuss)

To travel and to explore surely encourages one’s mind to expand and to stretch out the personal boundaries of one’s self. I’d like to think so.

It has been several weeks since I moved to New York and I fear I have neglected any writing both on WordPress but also on the book. So after a metaphorical whipping I am back on the sofa tap, tapping my fingers and urging the grey matter to shake off the cobwebs. Ah, but I sit here and there is such a view, so I simply gaze and gaze.

We are high up in a building where light floods in through floor to ceiling windows giving views to the west and north. The Hudson River is a constant moving body of water with boats and cruise ships travelling up and down. Beyond the river, cars and trucks can be seen in miniature over in New Jersey and below, people rush around doing their daily business; all busy, all with purpose. Fire trucks and ambulances scream their sirens every few minutes; horns are blaring, there is shouting, laughing, arguing. A glimpse of the green trees of Central Park gives a little respite to the hard angular surroundings. The buildings, the glass, the steel, the concrete, the brick; the beautiful, the ugly, the noise, the chaos. And I gaze and gaze ….

I explore daily and osmosis is forcing an absorption of the sights, sounds and smells. It is inescapable and dirty, exhausting and so very noisy. But it is also exhilarating and liberating. Anonymity is freeing and here nobody pays any attention. Anything goes.

So I shall continue to explore and absorb, but will now find a little balance in my day and write and tell you all about it (if you can bear it!). The book also is toddling along but now with renewed vigour and the desire to find the light at the end of the tunnel. But in the meantime, the river is an absolute mill pond today and there are three small sailing boats barely moving across the water and the sun is just catching their sails in the light …

Katie xx

18 thoughts on “”Oh, The Places You’ll Go!””

    1. Thank you! Yes, there’s so much to see and do … today we went to a wonderful museum and looked at paintings in particular which was lovely. Really nice to just be able to mooch around and take the time to enjoy it. Hope you’re keeping well?

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  1. ha, looks like you’re a natural for the people watching extravaganza that is NY! Is it unbearably hot yet? That in and of itself is one experience not to be missed. Oh how I recall standing on the corner of Fifth and 47th or some such in late July, wondering if it was possible that the ground was reflecting heat hotter than the air when a taxi swerved and sent a jet of warm filthy stinking water up my suit leg as high as the crotch. I was minutes from a meeting with a possible new client, looking like I’d just undertaken a hotpod yoga/tough mudder combo. What to do? What all New Yorkers do. Make it someone else’s problem. I swanned in, ignored the wrinkled noses of the fragrant and dry receptionists and sold my services with a chutzpah that only lacked one thing: self belief. After twenty-five minutes the great edifice of private equity spat me out again. And standing on the pavement, a woman walked past me, turned, came back and said, ‘Even Elvis f****d up sometimes.’ Just have to love NY. Enjoy yourself katie

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    1. Ha! What a wonderful story! You’ve really made me smile! It was darn hot yesterday and muggy too … until last night when there was a huge storm. We watched it coming in for over New Jersey way. Fantastic lightning and torrential rain! It’s a great place isn’t it! … Where do you live now?

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      1. I’m London till I die I expect. I just love big bustling iconic cities. NY definitely in my top five. Extraordinary town, like an urban psychotrope , giving you the weirdest experiences without narcotics..

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  2. Now I have visions of you high up in a building with floor to ceiling windows and the blinds firmly shut so you aren’t distracted and can focus on your writing lol. Enjoy it will be feeding your spirit and soul. But don’t forget to come and share every so often so we can live the experience through you. XOX

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    1. We’ve moved into the centre of Manhattan which is great. We decided against bringing a car out here so wanted to be close to the middle and in the thick of things so to speak. It’s noisy and chaotic but we like it! Xxx


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