54. Leaving Scotland


So, in just over a fortnight we’re moving from Scotland to London. Bearing in mind how very little I expected from our two year jaunt to Scotland, I am surprised by how emotional I feel. Because you see, I’ve made friends. Lots of lovely friends who seem to just like me for who I am, quirks and all.

My lovely tennis friends, who laugh when I squeal, shriek and roar with laughter at my own inadequacies. Who tease me mercilessly when I shiver on court and complain of the freezing Scottish weather as they go swimming in the outdoor pool whilst it’s raining, again. Those friends who teach me little Scottish words, usually relating to hangovers and bad language, and who translate for me when I look blankly at them, once again not understanding their accents.

We sit and have coffee together, we share stories, we laugh and chatter for hours. We put the world to rights, yet nobody dominates, we take it in turns. There’s a thirty year age gap between us and it doesn’t matter a hoot. Yes, I shall miss my friends.

I won’t miss the weather and the darkness. In winter the sun barely peeks over the trees on the horizon, but to the north I can see beyond the city to the Campsie Fells, which are beautiful hills, covered in snow. Sometimes the evening light catches them and they glow a warm peachy golden. But the rain and the cold. I won’t miss either.

The people here talk, a lot. A trip to the post office takes twenty minutes because everyone likes to chatter and natter. They are friendly and open. Yesterday the supermarket lady and I spent a good ten minutes discussing her allergy to nuts and bowel issues. I’m glad the Colonel wasn’t there, he’s not really very keen on discussing intimate subjects, particularly with a complete stranger. In London if you smile at a stranger you’re likely to be shunned, in Scotland, embraced. Yes, I shall miss the people.

And I shall miss the beautiful park, just around the corner. With its lake, river, waterfalls, woods and endless paths. Where you will find every marvellous breed of dog and every person who loves just to be out in the rain or occasional shine. People stop, chat, talk about their dogs or simply stand and watch the elegant swans and cygnets who grace the lake. It’s my happy place and yes, I shall miss it too.

The ironic thing is that it is only three years on Tuesday since my mother died, and whilst I think of her every day, I do wonder …. you see, she was here as a child through to her early twenties. I wonder if she has been to some of the places that I visit and I wish I could tell her now about my life here and more importantly listen to hers. I don’t just miss my mother, I long for her, I absolutely long for her.

Katie x

23 thoughts on “54. Leaving Scotland”

    1. Thank you so much … that’s really kind of you. Yes, he’s in the army so we’re now being posted there for a couple of years. He might have to stay up here for a few more months, but I’ll be down south. Change is difficult but it’ll be ok when I’ve got the new home all unpacked and everything cosy. I’m a bit of a home bird. X

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  1. How much do I empathize with what you are feeling? Like a squillion percent …. it’s so hard closing doors even though we know new ones are beckoning. Be kind to yourself, take those memories with you and embrace the new but don’t expect it to be instant. And most of all remember that your mum is with you wherever you wander tucked safely in your heart and wrapped around you in the ether. She will never ever leave you – that’s a promise xx

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  2. I lived in London for six years and went to Scotland only once, thinking there was going to be time. I have been dreaming of going back to Scotland and the Outer Hebrides – not quite sure why they call my name but they do! Change is unsettling but, if unavoidable, better welcome it! Good luck.

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    1. Thank you. The funny think is that although I’m leaving my friends up north, wherever we get posted in the world, I will always have all of you. And you make me so happy. And yes, Betty can head off into the North Sea for all I care … maybe one of those Viking burials perhaps …

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