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After a few days of being a little poorly (hence the lack of WordPress interaction of late – my apologies) I finally had to go out with my youngest son yesterday in order to buy him his first suit due to an impending interview.

A rather lovely shop in Jermyn Street not far from Piccadilly saw not just one, but two men and a woman all with tape measures hanging around their necks, tweak, adjust and transform my gangly boy into a rather dashing young man in the space of an hour. Job done, and left to pay the bill and also with a little time on my hands took a minor detour and went into the 300 year old beautiful store of Fortnum & Mason.

From the moment you are welcomed by the man on the door, you enter a world of delectable beauty. Everything and everyone is beautiful in Fortnums. From the handmade chocolates dipped in coloured sugars, dusty cocoa and wrapped in the finest tissue paper, to the exquisitely decorated biscuits sold in hand-painted and shaped tins that are so pretty as to be kept eternally, to the soft music swirling around the high ceilings with the familiar pale turquoise-teal colour that represents Fortnums in every corner of every floor. The wines, the cheeses and the hampers filled with gorgeous delights that one might possibly want or need for a picnic … everything is available and everything is beautiful in Fortnums. I run my fingers over the magnificent displays, loving the feel of the embossed, silky packaging and relish the feeling of being somewhere so very, very special where the detail in every single item is exquisite. I wander and touch, wander and touch … smiling at the sheer gorgeousness of it all.

But of course, it all comes at a price. Mostly a rather extortionate price. And there’s all sorts of people here too. I watch a woman rudely instruct a gentleman scuttling behind her to carry three baskets as she points with her phone and gives a flick of her hand to the items that she wants. Another small group of women, scoop numerous packets of gold and silver sweets shaped like small pebbles in delicate boxes from the shelves, dropping them roughly into their numerous baskets, without any care of the contents or packaging. Perhaps when money is no object and beautiful things are easily replaced, care is not such a priority.

And as for me, well, on our way back from France we had brought back some cheeses, so having explained this, was offered to taste some damson jelly. A change from the usual quince, I was in heaven as I chose and bought some. It was about all I could afford after buying the suit, but it did mean that I could relish not only the deep aubergine coloured, richly flavoured jelly wrapped in the waxy paper, but also one of their lovely pale turquoise bags which I shall keep ad infinitum. I’m not a big ‘shopper’ at all, but if you’re going to do it, it’s rather fun to do it occasionally in style, even if it’s just for a three inch square of damson jelly and a rather pretty plastic bag.

Katie xx

Shopping …. do you love it or loathe it? What’s your favourite shop and why?

29 thoughts on “Fortnum & Mason”

      1. Ha!! Take a deep breath and blow off the dust! If it’s clothes shopping for a man it’s fine …. but for a girl … now that could be expensive! (Ps What a beautiful name – Dominique.)


  1. I wish I could have poise in Fortnums, but always feel like it is not for people like me. I can appreciate the beauty, but then see the prices and get all proley and cross. Actually I hate shopping generally! Internet shopping is one of the best things that ever happened to me!

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    1. Yes, internet shopping has changed my life too! I get a bit giggly with the prices and even more so when the sales assistants try to be snooty! So I simply put on my best Roedean accent and walk around as if I own the place! Works a treat!


    1. Absolutely! I like the bags that have proper embossed writing on with ribbons and tissue paper too! Reminds me of the scene in ‘Love Actually’ with Rowan Atkinson as the salesman… hilarious! Not sure if you’ve seen it, but a brilliant chick flick. X


  2. I cherished loitering around Fortnum & Mason when we used to end up there. My hauls were a couple of shopping bags, a biscuit tin or two since they looked too pretty to resist and then imagine my delight at discovering that the contents were delish too.
    It would be frightful to get too used to the luxuries of life! x

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    1. Yes, I work off the theory that a little of what you fancy does you good! I so nearly bought some ginger biscuits all hand decorated with pictures of all things travel related, in an old fashioned way! Absolutely beautiful, but at £25 I did wonder if I should stick to my 22p Asda gingernuts!

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    1. I very nearly did, and they were extraordinarily beautiful, but at £25 for a single layer of biscuits I just couldn’t! … Particularly when I can get four times the amount for 22p in Asda (albeit in not such a pretty box …). 🤔

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    1. Yes, I can imagine it does get really busy. I don’t think it’s as bad as somewhere like Harrods which I must say I don’t really like at all. Luckily on this occasion it wasn’t too bad, or maybe I was just so bowled over that I failed to notice!! X


  3. Okay — that doesn’t sound like shopping. That sounds like an amazing experience! It’s beautiful that you not only gave that experience to your son but also that you shared it with him. In my mind, shopping equates to flickering fluorescent lights that make me look terrible in every way, sales clerks who constantly badger me — ranging from overhelpfulness to the inevitable suspicious busy-body clerk who thinks everyone is trying to shoplift something. Grocery shopping isn’t much better, but at least my favorite store is open 24 hours… In short, I shop online as much as possible. 🙂


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