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I am a simple creature. I am not on the same intellectual planet as many of you; and yet my little world is my ‘normal’.

My world is a complex combination of beautiful yet rugged landscapes, alternating between The Great Plains of Steely Determination, The Dark Forests of Fluffy Blondness, and The Deep Seas of Optimism and Hope.

My brain is forever randomly spinning off from one region to another, with speed and agility from years of practice. And as a planet attacked with repetitively exploding asteroids, with constant storms, volcanoes and earthquakes of my incessant thoughts and ruminations, life here is rarely calm and sedate. Indeed, it is exhausting.

Occasionally however the power of my mind can override the bedlam and I take a brief trip into your peaceful world. But it takes gargantuan mental strength to gently drape a veil of calmness over me, muffling the noise and slowing the racing chaos.

And what have I tried? Breathing techniques, yoga, music, exercise, meditation and drugs (prescription only I hasten to add), whale music, dolphin music, you name it, I’ve tried it.

And the outcome? Yes, they do work, but only if one ingredient, one teensy factor, is added.

And that is the deep down, passionate, unadulterated and unfiltered WANT to make it work.

I have to fight the storms in my mind, battle the asteroids and have my own personal war in my head to allow peace to take hold and calm the crazy nervous energy. It is a battle of wills, my wills.

Mental strength … is it the most powerful tool that we have?

Katie x

32 thoughts on “Mental Strength …”

  1. I love the descriptions of the mind. I didn’t know whale music was a thing, but I think I’ve heard of dolphins.

    I know in my life my bond with Christ has been a strength I can turn to because it isn’t all me. I’ve been weak and depleted and there times I was carried through only through Him.

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  2. I’ve always though the medication (also prescribed!) helped me to WANT to feel better. Not sure I have a lot of faith in will’s ability to fight. However I have no doubt in yours x

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    1. Yes, I do think that medication takes the edge of it and can help enormously with the downwardly spiralling thoughts … and sometimes that’s even enough. Oh to have all the answers! I wish I did … thanks so much. Xx

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  3. That is so true. I have the tools like you to keep calm, but I can easily be caught out before I know it at times and it takes the will of mental strength to get me back there. I have been struggling with this the past week or more. You know what that issue is for commenting on my post. I have kept calm for a month but this past week or more, I have been fuming. Thankfully, my communication is by email with the people concerned, but I am stressed, except for one moment yesterday when I was with a friend and we laughed at something I did. I went to the wrong car, trying to get in until I heard him laughing and walking by. I wondered where the blanket came from as I attempted lol. A car like his, but wasn’t his car. Oops. 🙂

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  4. An interesting point, Katie. There are certainly times when I’m feeling bad that I have a suspicion I don’t entirely want to be all happy and fluffy. How much of that is due to the fact I’m not happy and fluffy at the time, I don’t know. Perhaps there’s a temptation to wallow in it.

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  5. And as a planet attacked with repetitively exploding asteroids, with constant storms, volcanoes and earthquakes of my incessant thoughts and ruminations, life here is rarely calm and sedate. Indeed, it is exhausting. This is the line that really got me. You have an amazing way of putting anxiety into words. I love it!!!!!!

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    1. I have indeed asked him that very question on many an occasion as he is a little bit intellectual. His response is always the same, “Darling, you are extremely clever because you know how to deal with me.” He then gives a funny sort of laughing, snorting noise and changes the subject. 🤨

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  6. Your posts always amuse me. I have listened to Whale Music and it works to a point but does not really eradicate anything. I would say in all honesty most people are like you we have our calm days and storm days. If they say they do not, well they are basically lying and on cloud cuckoo.

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    1. I suspect that you are right … we all have our ups and downs. As an aside, all of that whale music and the background noises they have in yoga classes just makes me need a wee. I don’t think I know anyone who is perpetually calm and happy … excluding those posts on Facebook where everyone seems to be attempting to portray perfection. Thanks so much for reading and you’re right, I don’t think anything is necessarily eradicated, just put on the back burner for a while.

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  7. Katie~
    You write so beautifully.
    I agree the “want” factor makes all the difference in the outcome. I use many techniques to keep depression at Bay. They work for me because I want to feel good and am willing to do whatever it takes for me.

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