Wasting Time …

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Sometimes I astonish myself. It is quite extraordinary how I can so masterfully waste time. If there were degrees being handed out here, I’d have a First, with a distinction, several stars and a cherry on top for good measure.

I see myself as an (occasionally) rational person; I understand that time is one commodity that we in theory have control over, and yet as it slips away hour by hour, day by day, I manage to waste it on utter nonsense.

As I said to a fellow blogger this morning, what historically used to be ‘reading time’ to keep the grey matter alive and kicking, and as a very enjoyable pastime, I now can waste hours, hours on my iPad googling holidays that I obviously can’t afford, ways to make my eyelashes look longer and houses for sale in the deepest depths of France. And I use the word ‘waste’ because despite all this lengthy research, I still have no romantic little city-break booked, no house in Provence with a sparkling swimming pool, and my eyelashes are still as stubby as they were last week.

Reading my latest book, ( Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight) I have now had to resort to reading it in the bath. Even though my iPad I am sure would work perfectly well in the bathroom, I still have visions of it falling in amongst the bubbles and yours truly being electrocuted …. found days later with Rigor Mortis deforming my body and face whilst donning a particularly attractive perm. Not quite the death I had envisaged. As an aside, if one dies in an odd position, this ‘Rigor Mortis’ sets in, how do they fit you into a coffin? Would they have to force and squeeze you tightly into a recumbent, legs together position and then nail the lid on quickly in case suddenly you popped out like a Jack-in-the-box? Just a thought …

Anyway, I digress … now that I have used up my previous ‘reading time’, I am now using up my ‘bath’ time. Perhaps when I have realised that in fact I cannot be electrocuted by a battery operated machine, I will stop reading in the bath and the dreaded iPad will venture into the bathroom and I will start googling more nonsense from there. Heavens! My life is being taken over by a 6 x 9 inch piece of metal with a rather attractive purple cover.

So, Sarah Knight of the aforementioned book, explains very clearly and assisted by some fairly fruity language, that my problem is time management. We all have the designated 24 hours in a day, it’s just that some of us choose to use it better than others.

So, my resolution for the fast approaching New Year is to manage my time considerably better. Firstly I shall don a watch (that I secretly think my lovely husband is giving me for Christmas because I am apparently always late which is hard for these military types to cope with. As it’s a Christmas present I obviously can’t start this resolution immediately – procrastinator – surely not?). I shall then make to-do lists, must-do lists, get-your-bottom-off-the-sofa-lists. I shall have spreadsheets and bar charts and attempt to become a wonderfully efficient version of the scatty, forgetful, googling me. After all, isn’t that what resolutions are all about, a moment of pre-Christmas excited enthusiasm in changing one’s somewhat shoddy ways for the better? Any suggestions more than welcome.

Katie xx

Are you a time-waster like me? 😬

Are you organised and efficient? HOW do you do it …. ?

What do you google? (As per previous posts, nothing smutty or vulgar please!)

39 thoughts on “Wasting Time …”

    1. Are they pointless, or it just relaxes you and works on one’s grey matter anyway?! Important question. I will think this through in the coming hours while playing Modern Combat 5… 😀

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    1. 😂 Whenever the rugby is on and the colonel shouts at the television “He was offside you blind blasted ref!” or words to that effect, I nod knowledgeably in agreement. I think the offside rule is a very grey area, invented by idiots and understood by none (including I suspect my husband, though I’d never suggest that of course ….).

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  1. One thing I read years ago that was really helpful is instead of saying “I don’t have time to do that” is to say “I have chosen to spend my time on other activities”.

    Just by saying “I have chosen” it brings the responsibility and power back to us, rather than feeling time is control of us and we’re helpless slaves to its beck and call.

    So maybe by reminding yourself that you are choosing to spend time on your ipad looking at holidays etc, you can then ask “I’m choosing to spend my time searching for holidays. Is this the best use of my time right now?

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  2. I’m so glad it’s not just me that could write a best selling book on the art of procrastination. If I could just find time in between googling whether wasps hibernate (I just rescued one from my living room) and playing candy crush (I wish I’d never realised you can just change the time on your iPad to get more lives!) I might crack on with it. Great post 😁.

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    1. Ha! I’ve never tried Candy Crush but sense it would overtake my life. Probably like 2048 which I became obsessed with until I could do it every day and then the novelty wore off a bit. I have the attention span of a small gnat! By the way, DO wasps hibernate, or just die??! Katie x

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      1. Apparently the fertilised queens hibernate but most don’t make it. All the others just die (according to google). Quite sad really! 😏 Candy Crush can easily take over your life – I’m on level 2000 and something and I had to take it off my phone and just have it on my iPad so I can only play it home!

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  3. I’m naturally very organized, which is good because otherwise i would never get anything done. I use Google calendar, I have lots of lists, and I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all things writing. It helps me to feel more in control of my life.

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  4. I love reading your blogs. I smiled all through this one thinking I would at least come in 2nd place. It is now 10:12 pm. (which is fine because I usually take a late nap and stay up from 10 to 4am.) but even that being said- i committed to writing all day. Did I? uhhh sadly no. I did things I thought were terribly important at the time but really I wasted 6 hours today. My new time waster is not Google, for me it is reading the blogs I have followed this last month since I joined. I tell myself that it is important because it gives me perspective on how others write. But really I’m just enjoying what I read and use it as an excuse to not write myself LOL.
    Good luck with the watch!

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  5. Yep! I do waste time. A lot. I’d love to figure out why I do this, why I delay doing things I actually ENJOY?!?! I mean, what’s up with THAT? It’s one thing to stick on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to delay having to clean the apartment for another hour, but to watch mindless rubbish like that when I could write or make jewellery? I mean, those are passions of mine so not as if I think of those as must-dos. Answers on a postcard please.

    I google such random stuff! Anything from looking up people I went to school with and see what they do now (Facebook is good for this), and I mean people I’m not looking to connect with – it’s solely to snoop. Other times I’ll Google for more information around something that’s caught my interest – last time was the sect called People’s Temple and the Jonestown tragedy. It’s so, so random. And probably goes back to the whole time wasting and avoiding doing stuff bit….

    When you find a routine that gets you all productive and sticking to some sort of schedule, do let me know how because I am the WORST!


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    1. Oh we all love a snoop! I’ve found that doing the ironing and cleaning alongside watching tv works well. (Except for hoovering for obvious reasons!). I then can get one room done really well … even the skirting boards get a clean. (This tv watching is all done using my iPad so I can move around the house).
      Personally I think googling random things is the best thing about the internet. We have the opportunity to be fantastically well informed without having to seek out our local library or write to David Attenborough or Stephen Fry.
      As for looking up other people … tricky one … for me, I know that if I’m feeling a bit down with life I’ll do it a lot, whereas if I’m busy and happy frankly I both won’t have the time, nor the inclination. I always come away feeling even worse.
      You have achieved such an incredibly hard feat ditching the wine witch, so I certainly wouldn’t worry too much. What you’ve done is amazing! It does now mean of course that you have a lot more time in your life and all this being so new, it’s right that it’s going to take some time to readjust. Is it possible to make jewellery, watch Made in Chelsea, drink tea AND eat cake?? If so, I think you’re onto a winner!


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