I Am A Blithering Idiot …

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I love to write. I need to write. So why have I allowed a diddy little move across the pond to take precedence over writing this week?

All I need is just a couple of hours each day to sit and tap, tappety tap. A bit of editing, a little rewriting. Simple. And yet tiny doubts have been creeping to the forefront of my mind. Doubts are clever little blighters. They ensnare and suffocate any lingering fragments of confidence. Will the book ever be good enough? And then the inevitable happens; procrastination claws its way in and takes a firm hold.

There is always another box to be packed (despite an army of packers due next week), or the need to ponder for far too long over whether I need my wellington boots in New York City; or whether I should take some sachets of bread sauce mix for when I can’t be bothered to make it from scratch. Important decisions you see. Oh, I have no doubt of my ability to procrastinate! I have honed my skills over decades; frankly I could have a Masters with distinction in procrastination.

I believe a little discipline is required in Mrs Colonel’s house. A sharp rapping of the knuckles and the occasional poke with a pointy stick.

I am not a lounge lizard who wanders around the sitting room mid-afternoon still wearing pyjamas. I do not shuffle around the kitchen in Donald Duck slippers and a matching onesie as I peer bleary-eyed into the fridge at noon. I go to bed early and get up early. I love mornings and am annoyingly bouncy from the moment I see the light creeping through the gaps in the curtains. I must be hell to live with.

But my point is this … we all have the same 24 hours in a day and we all choose to use it differently. And I have been lazy for the past week and have not set aside a couple of hours a day to write. I have not (and never will) be seen wandering around in the Donald Duck slippers and matching onesie, but without the structure of writing daily, I may as well have been. Just wait a moment whilst I bludgeon myself to death …

To be fair, I have been overhauling my relative’s garden for the last several days, but that’s besides the point …

Poignant Pause …

Excellent! Knuckles have been duly rapped and a pointy stick has metaphorically poked me. I have given myself a little talking to and told you, my wonderful WordPress friends of my failings. I am now a new woman and ready to do some more editing and re-writes … Quick cup of tea first though, it’s still early …

Katie xx

Is anybody out there a procrastinator?

50 thoughts on “I Am A Blithering Idiot …”

  1. I’m terrible. At this time of year I will find excuses to potter in the garden rather than sit at the drawing board. My most productive drawing time is now during my weekly skype call with Dominique – I can chat on skype via the ipad whilst drawing and it effectively keeps me in one place for a couple of hours!

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    1. Ahh that’s two lovely things to be doing … pottering in the garden and drawing. Heaven! I’m quite good at doing all types of cooking and cleaning rather than paying bills or doing any form of admin. I love your drawings …. they’re utterly beautiful.

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  2. I can be: living in rural France there is always plenty of things to do: clean the kitchen down, feed the chickens, peg the washing out & if I don’t watch it I can be seen wandering in my jymbies at 12, & it really winds me up! But I try to get some writing done every day: social media is my demon! You are not alone. Off to get my second cup of tea now.

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    1. Ha! But being in France sounds glorious! That’s my idea of total and utter heaven. I have a lovely WordPress friend here who also lives in France with chickens …. I just want to move there and live both of your lives!! Think I’ll have another cup of tea now too …

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  3. Ha! Rather than wash up I thought I’d reply to you! I am a lifelong procrastinating ostrich. Hiding until something comes up and bites me in the bum!
    On another note, one thing our relatives in New Zealnd miss is packet bread sauce and they buy it in bulk when they are in the UK. Take a few packets with you.

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    1. Oooh I shall then, for sure! I’m delighted that you replied to me rather than washing up! I too am a particularly fine ostrich … we’ll have our bums in the air together!


    1. Thank goodness I’m not alone! Yes, I think you’re right … it’s probably human nature to try to put off the things that we find hard, or don’t want to do. When it comes to admin, I’m the worlds worst!

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      1. Oooh I think I might quite like a shredder! I think it can be composted afterwards … but maybe I made that up??! Does the novelty of shredding wear off after the first few sheets? Katie

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  4. Yep, I can relate totally to this Katie. I’ll find any excuse to procrastinate, though I’ve yet to find those fluffy slippers. Off to make some tea now and then maybe I’ll soak in some epsom baths. ☺️

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    1. Ha! Thanks for reading! Is it true that Epsom salts are really good? I’ve heard that they are … I quite like the idea of soaking in something other than bubbles. Ps. I haven’t found fluffy slippers either!

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      1. Well, I’m not entirely sure but I’ve heard they have fabulous therapeutic benefits. They’re actually magnesium sulphate crystals and really feel quite nice! Good excuse for lots of nice long soaks anyway! 😊

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  5. Yes I think we’re all capable of procrastinating. But usually with me it’s over something I don’t want to do. Like filling in a tax form or bank application form. When it’s something I enjoy, like writing, photography, reading, I don’t have any problem making the time. Why would I not want to make time for things I enjoy? Why would you?

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    1. Good point. I think that I’ve just hit a difficult bit in the book, and then when it doesn’t read so well I start doubting myself. As an aside, I loathe tax returns so much that I now have an accountant to do it for me. They enrage me as I just don’t understand them … I am truly awful at maths. You’re right though, I need to make more time for it, after all, it’s just a tricky section and then it will go back to being lovely and fun again. Thanks


      1. Ah so is this writing or editing you’re talking about? I thought you meant writing, but it sounds like editing (“it doesn’t read so well”)? Im not so keen on editing, which is why I rarely write anything longer than perhaps a 2000 word blog post!

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      2. Yes, it’s editing. The book is done, but then the work seems to really begin. Funnily enough, a lot of people said this would happen and in truth I think I rather poo pooed them! Turns out they were absolutely right.


      3. I know what you mean. You think the writing is the main bit, then a quick read through and tweak and you’re done. But editing I think needs a different mindset and approach.

        I remember another conversation about this on your blog. Have you thought any more about hiring an editor?

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      4. Yes, completely different mindset and skills needed for editing… I won’t hire an editor at this stage as I need to do this initial work myself, but I’m sure it’ll need someone later. It’s extraordinary how many times I can read through a chapter and miss blaring errors.


  6. Everyone says he’s a procrastinator, but I’m fairly certain none of my neighbors are human at all.

    I could relate very well to the bit where you said, “Doubts are clever little blighters. They ensnare and suffocate any lingering fragments of confidence. Will the book ever be good enough? And then the inevitable happens; procrastination claws its way in and takes a firm hold.”

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  7. Procrastination is inevitable! But for me, I always find that as a solution, a little proactiveness goes a long way, combined with mastering the ability to not “overthink” before getting something done. Take comfort in the fact that you ain’t alone in your path of procrastination! And do let me know if that another cup of tea helped you get closer to your mission in the end :p ^_^

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